Getting to Know Casely, Miami’s Next Top Star

Casely, an innovative artist who is an expert in crafting top bangers that incorporate various genres, just released his latest single, "Tráfico", on April 29.

Casely is a Miami-born artist that is set to take the music industry by storm very soon. The rising artist is very talented in his innovative music production craft, particularly when it comes to creating bangers that have influences from Reggaeton and Electronic. On April 29, Casely released the music video for his latest single, “Tráfico”. “Tráfico” has Casely teaming up with Geraldine Sarmiento, a popular dancer and YouTuber.

The track already has rhythms that provide great vibes all-around, especially rhythms that complement Casely’s smooth vocals flowing through the melodies. In this music video, Casely is a attendant who works at a car wash that is owned by the character played by Geraldine Sarmiento herself. While he lent his fantastic vocals, he also showed that he has great acting talents as well when he plays a character that is very infatuated with his romantic interest. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Casely as he discussed his career so far, musical influences, where he would like to perform, and his quick summary about “Tráfico”.

Kenny Ngo: Hello Casely, how have the first four months of 2022 been treating you?

Casely: I can’t believe that we’re already four months into the year! It’s flying by and I know many people feel the same way. Where is the time going? It’s been a productive four months for me but not without its challenges. The hardest part nowadays is finding the time to cover all the ground I need to cover and execute on the various aspects of my music goals.

For anyone reading this article who does not know who you are, what is the background story of your music career?

I’m a musical theatre kid that’s loved to sing on stage since I was 6. I started writing and recording songs in high school at age 14 and acquired my first major record deal with Sony / Epic at age 22. Prior to that I had been classically trained on the piano for about 6 years and ended up going to school at Berklee College of Music where I received both my Bachelor’s (Music Production/ Engineering) and Masters (Music Biz). My love for music’s never wained and while I’m independent now I still work at releasing new material as much as I can. 

You have collaborated with the likes of DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Pitbull, Flo Rida, and Lil Jon. What are the things you loved learning from these superstars the most?

I learned the most from Pitbull. I find him most inspiring when watching the trajectory of his career. When the industry practically counted him out he kept going and never gave up on himself. That’s when he broke through to major mainstream success. It’s a great reminder to myself to keep “shooting for the stars cause if you fall at least you fall on top of the world”. I love that.

Onto your latest track, “Tráfico”. It will come out on your latest album, King of the South (which will be released this July). What type of vibe does the track bring out?

The track is digging into Dem Bow from my musical perspective. I love the energy of dembow and the latin culture. With, Tráfico, I wanted to tap into my Panamanian roots and explore my musical heritage and connect with that energy.

The track does have a lot of Caribbean influence, especially through the vocal rhythms. How did you come to create this unique track?

Well. I kid you not. I was sitting in traffic on the way to Aventura mall in Miami listening to an audio book and the idea of the repeated hook “tráfico, tráfico, tráfico, tra, tra” hit me. As soon as I got home I started working on the music and set a tempo I thought worked well and then started writing out the verses.

Regarding your upcoming album, King of the South, what will everyone expect from this album?

On this album, I want to continue where The Mutt left off and dig deeper into my cultures and roots and serve them up on a Casely platter.

In the meantime, will everyone expect new music coming from you soon while anticipating this album?

Absolutely, I’m looking forward to releasing another single “Light It Up” with Trinidadian producers System 32.

Where are you going to perform next?

After doing Sofar Sounds, I’ve really fallen in love with intimate performance venues. I’m working with an organization in Miami “Musicasa” to begin doing pop ups in different homes. It’s exciting! In addition i’m also looking forward to playing some larger festivals.

Do you have any wishes on which music festivals you would like to perform at in the future?

Coachella, Rolling Loud, Glastonbury, and Lollapalooza to name a few!

Since you’re from Miami, which nightclubs and/or entertainment venues in Miami do you recommend the readers to check out if they were to visit the city one day?

Definitely check out Wynwood, Brickell and the design district, they’re constantly popping up with new artsy venues!

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