Catch Up with Nicholson Following His “Reverent” Album

Nicholson shares his thoughts and experiences following the success of his 5th album, "Reverent."

Earlier in September, a mere 24 hours after its release, Nicholson’s Reverent album topped Beatport charts and earned its place as number 1 on its “Top Ten Releases – Trance” chart. Following this success, hard copies of the album sold out within a week.

Nicholson’s success with Reverent comes after a journey of favorable singles. His single “Afterglow” made its way on Paul van Dyk’s VANDIT label along with “Sunrise” on Ferry Corsten’s Flashover Trance. Making an impression on listeners everywhere, Ferry Corsten included the “Sunrise” single on his set during the ASOT Episode 972.

How have you been doing these past few weeks?

Nicholson: I’m good thank you, it’s been quite the ride in fact with all the great feedback from the album.

Your latest album, Reverent, just topped the Beatport and iTunes UK Charts. What do you think about this amazing accomplishment?

I’m very humbled that people seem to have taken it so well, it’s been a labor of love for the past three years, but never could I have imagined in my wildest dreams that it would have been as successful as it has. It’s a wonderful feeling when others appear to find a personal attachment to a piece of art that you created, it gives substance to the story that I was hoping to relay.

How did the production process on Reverent feel like for you? Especially since you had more time to produce the tracks since many live shows have been put on hold due to the pandemic? 

As I said, it’s been a long process and regardless of the pandemic, I think it would have probably taken me just as long anyway, as true art cannot be rushed. In respect of this, it becomes a love/hate affair that you really don’t ever get to finish, more abandon it at a current state.

What was the most emotional track from Reverent that you produced?

The most emotional I’d say was “Serenity,” which was my collaboration with my good friend Paul Skelton. The track is very heartfelt and had a lot of meaning to myself personally.

How did it feel performing on your recent livestreams for Trance Room Argentina and TranceFamilyLA?

It was great, really nice to connect to different crowds and cultures. The Buenos Aires crowds are truly one of the best in the world from my experience and TrancefamilyLA was an impressive and engaging audience also. Both great fun to do and I was grateful for the opportunities indeed.

You also contributed guest mixes to Digital Central Show and Dave Pearce’s Delirium. How were those experiences for you? 

Again both were great fun, not quite the same as playing live but the best we can do as the situation stands. 

Are you excited about your England-based EQ Recording Studio opening up soon? Can you tell us a little bit about the studio? 

EQ which is based in Berkshire, UK has been an adventure, to say the least, during the pandemic. I was hoping to have it all up and running by July but in this current climate that just hasn’t been an option. We are only now a matter of weeks away from finishing and when it’s finished it will be a true powerhouse of a recording studio. Mixing the best in analog with the most cutting edge of digital, EQ will be a one-stop-shop for the discerning producer. 

How does it feel to have trance superstars such as Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, and Andrew Rayel supporting, releasing, and promoting your music on their label and radio shows?

It’s an amazing feeling when notable artists show interest in your work, these people you aspire to when on your own journey and to have their support on it is a beautiful thing indeed.

If COVID-19 dies down soon, what are your plans for 2021? 

I will be concentrating more on my studio in 2021 as I’ve already completed another album finished and ready to go. Fingers crossed that we will get the green light with events too, being in lockdown has made me realize more than ever how much I miss DJing.

Which destinations would you like to travel to once everything gets better again?

Firstly, I’d love a holiday somewhere warm. If lockdown was lifted I’d love to play in the US as I’ve never played there before unfortunately. There are far too many places I’d love to visit that I haven’t before to fit into this answer after being kept at home for so long.

Listen to Nicholson’s Reverent album below or on different music platforms.

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