Catching Up With Gergo Feitser of Dead Stare

Gergo Feitser is one-half of Hungarian-American house-techno duo Dead Stare. They are a duo who are just getting started on their way to stardom.

Dead Stare is a duo composed of two talented guys from Hungary and the United States. Gergo Feister and Edgar Avila (Broken Record) may live opposite from one another across the Atlantic Ocean but both individuals are a great duo in that they share a love for creating amazing music. Dead Stare’s Gergo Feister is from a small city in Hungary called Gyor, several kilometers from the capital Budapest, while Edgar Avila is from the San Francisco Bay Area.

One EDM interviewed the duo back in 2020 as they were about to start making their presence known in the electronic music industry. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Gergo Feister as he described all the events that have shaped his musical and personal life over the past couple years, the music he has been making and how it compares to the music that he made when he started his career, and the influences that shaped him into the artist that he currently is. Also, check out Dead Stare’s top-class music below.

Ken Ngo: It has been two and a half years since we last interviewed you. How have things been for you musically since the last interview back in 2020?

Gergo Feister: I discovered Manni Dee’s A Low Level Love album and I immediately fell in love with it. I was always into Techno, many people heard and supported our Funky Cat release, “Machine”, but I never really spent much time discovering the scene and its pioneers until that moment.

What about things on the personal side for you? If you are comfortable sharing with the readers. If not, that is totally fine.

Right after the release of our track “Hi Babi“, I started to lose all of my abilities all of a sudden, I even had to send an apology mail to Hysteria Records for not being able to promote the release. It was played by Afrojack, Hardwell and some other childhood heroes of mine. It was really painful not being able to spread the word. 

At the end of 2020 many doctors predicted that I won’t make it to next year. I had to learn walking and do basic stuff without help. I felt like I had no power at all and many evenings, I felt like I wouldn’t wake up. However, I really wanted to prove that the doctors are wrong…

Now, I believe that the nightmare is over. Music can give you more power than you’d ever imagine. My producer friends helped and helping me a lot with production tips and stuff like that so I can keep creating. Additionally, my childhood friend, my mother, Edgar Avila (the other Dead Stare guy), as well as with a lot of other people made sure that I continue to recover in a good condition. Currently, I feel more healthy and inspired than ever. Furthermore at the end of 2021, we were a part of The Funky Cat remix contest winners with a super experimental remix. That definitely also gave me a huge boost.

Just recently at EDC Las Vegas 2022, JSTJR played a then-unreleased track that you produced with JFAICE. How did you react upon finding out that your music was being performed at an international music festival such as EDC Las Vegas?

Absolutely unreal. I still can’t believe it honestly. I sent JSTJR a message that he killed it at EDC and he just said “I played the track you sent me” and he sent me a video. I was shocked, immediately told JFAICE and all of my friends basically.

Speaking of JFAICE, you and STOIK also produced a remix of his track, “Get Hyper”, and the remix is one of the remixes on his “Get Hyper” remix album that just came out this past week. How does it feel for you being featured alongside a great artist like him?

Both of these guys are my very good friends. We can do IRL studio meet ups with STOIK since he lives in Austria, which is close to me. I feel honored to be able to work with him, and also doing this remix for JFAICE makes it even better. Both of these guys have incredible amounts of creativity and talent. We have some more tracks in the making with both of these artists.

Are there any new tracks you will release soon?

Not really a track, but they just released our guestmix we made for Pitbull’s Globalization at Sirius XM. Huge shout out to JRYTHM for having us at his Ritmolucion show. It’s also something unbelievable for me. Making this happen together with Edgar feels really special. I’m not sure if Globalization had any other Hungarian artists. I’m very grateful for JRYTHM, his team, and the whole community for supporting me so much.

About tracks, the song that JSTJR played at EDC is called ‘Intensifying’ and is gonna be released through his label, ‘Group Chat’. soon.

What do you think about your current music style now in comparison to how you started your music career a few years ago?

I have absolutely made more stuff related to Techno. It is a lot of stuff that has been influenced by my childhood, by my health and some other technical struggles. I’d love to record random sounds and use them in tracks as major moments.

What are your musical goals for 2023 and beyond since New Year’s Eve is here?

We are working on an album with some ambient, hip-hop tracks and of course, different kinds of Techno. Each of these songs was inspired by specific events that happened recently in our lives so our most important priority is to finish that. We released a Moombahton track this year with our friend RedKen Panda and it was played by Craze, so releasing more Moombahton and Global Bass again is also a goal – probably starting with a tune called ‘Suélta Me’ that we are making with JVDE, who sent us some amazing vocals.

Do you have any plans to go on tour or perform at music festivals soon as well?

I hope to be back at Membrain Festival again next summer, and it’s also likely that I’ll play at some Global Bass events as well. The most likely is a party called Global Amigos at Prague,organized by the Global Bass legend Chong-X.

Since you are based near Budapest, do you have any music venue and festival recommendations for the readers to check out when they are visiting Budapest? Or just to Central Europe and Eastern Europe in general?

I hardly ever visit a party in Budapest, but my favorite Techno artists usually play at Lärm or Arzenál there, which I can definitely recommend to visit. At Sopron (which is closer to me and to Austria as well) I recommend visiting Búgócsiga Akusztik Garden, where you can find a lot of different kinds of events. Musically too, but a lot of other forms of art.

I live in Győr, and I met some people that are doing a monthly Techno event at a place called Bortrezor. They wanted to give me an opportunity to play so I want to return it and help them spread the word about the event. The venue is not a huge place, but the point is the music and to create a community that is safe for everyone. We are just a big family who share the same passion for music, the crowd are almost always the same people. The promoters want to give an opportunity to a lot of local DJs and artists and I can respect that so much.

You recently performed at an awesome techno event near where you live. What is it about?

It’s called ‘The Organization’, curated by Robert Oxenhoffer, focusing on Techno and the point is to give a chance to all of the artists who have the same passion for music. 

My first contribution to the party was right after my Membrain Festival show. I arrived home, and went straight into the party. After only resting a few hours, I was afraid I wouldn’t make a huge impact but they kept calling me. It’s a tiny venue, but his team is getting better, the parties are always free, and providing a safe place for everyone. They also feel like helping out young and local artists is very important and so I always do my very best to contribute to the events. I don’t think any of these people, including the crowd, have an idea about my huge love for Global Bass so I’m always trying to sneak some Moombahton, 3ball, Baile Funk and Bubbling into the parties and it seems like it works.

Who do you know from this event?

Sometimes I still exchange a few words with Munchi, who got 2 life changing old mixes that made me want to be a producer and as I mentioned earlier, Manni Dee’s album made me feel very curious about Techno and the stuff Manni making has everything that I like. It’s a good feeling that I can still produce anything that I like without feeling overwhelmed, exhausted. There are also many forthcoming producer friends that I really look up to, JFAICE, El Irreal Veintiuno, trashcleaner.

All of these guys deserve a shout out as I feel like their stuff is outstanding and their passion for music is inspirational. For me, it’s very important to mention and support all of my friends because Dead Stare was never only Gergő, people always have to keep in mind that it’s a duo project with DJ Broken Record (Edgar Avila) and that without all of the support I get from friends, journalists, promoters… it would be very difficult to make any noise.

Anyone you want to give a shout out to?

Hataah has been here since I started to make music and he always gave me everything possible to find my sound and also a lot of feedback and he just released his amazing Global Bass album with Stas called ” Auf’m Kotti ” which you can find here:

I mentioned Munchi earlier and that his sets and music was one of the main reasons I wanted to start making music and explore Global Bass and it’s subgenres, he also released something fresh after many many years: his I Love Mambo Mixtape, which finally got the proper release it deserves. Click on this link to listen to his amazing music.

I also mentioned a lot of exciting producers that I’d recommend to check, I’d like to add MiloMilo to that list who is currently rebranding and creating a lot of next level Techno tracks. Check out his SoundCloud below.

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