Catching Up with DJ Xplicit, the Newest Member of Disco:wax

DJ Xplicit just released his first single on Disco:wax last month with Naomi Wild titled, "Black and Blue"

DJ Xplicit is a talented producer from New York City who just signed with Disco:wax/Sony Music. DJ Xplicit released his first single on Disco:wax titled, “Black and Blue“. The track featured the amazing vocals of multi-platinum, Beatport-charting singer/songwriter Naomi Wild.

DJ Xplicit started his electronic music journey at the age of 13. Since then, he has gained so many achievements which include DJ-ing on Sirius XM, releasing “Love Breeze” in 2015 and see it peak at #8 on the iTunes Top 200 chart, and appear on the “Royal Pains” and “My Life as Liz” TV shows. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with DJ Xplicit, whose “Black and Blue” is available to download and stream now.

Kenny Ngo: You just released your latest track, “Black and Blue”. What is the track about?

DJ Xplicit: “Black and Blue” speaks about the ups and down of loving someone with damaged heart. It’s about going back to a individual that keeps hurting you over and over again.

Did you have any reasons why you decided to create “Black and Blue”?

I wanted to create something relatable.

What was it like collaborating with a very talented and accomplished songwriter like Naomi Wild?

It was great working with her. She’s a true professional. We spoke about my vision for the song and she came out with what you hear today.

Are you producing any new tracks, an EP, or an album at the moment?

I’m currently working on additional singles which are going to be released in the near future.

You just recently signed onto Disco:wax/Sony Music, the record label you released “Black and Blue” on. What is it like being a part of the Disco:wax/Sony Music label so far?

It’s been great so far, the team is very involved and focused on taking my career to the next level. Currently we are working on remixes for Black and Blue.

You’ve received recent support and praise from industry tastemaker Henry Fong. How does it feel to receive support from a widely-recognized producer like him?

It’s awesome to have Henry Fong support and shout out the record. I’m a fan of his music.

Aside from making music, how was this past summer been for you?

My summer has been good, I was able to spend sometime in Miami and now I’m back in NYC.

Since you are based in New York City, have you noticed anything that is different in the city?

It has been slow over the last few months due to the pandemic but it’s slowly getting back to lively New York.

Once COVID-19 dies down, which music festivals would you like to perform at the most?

This is a tough question because they are all so great but I’d love to perform at Tomorrowland

This set of questions is sports-related. For basketball, do you support Knicks or Nets?

I’m a die hard New Yorker. I’m happy with whoever wins. 

For baseball: Yankees or Mets?

I grew up in Queens so I have to rep the Mets.

For hockey: Rangers or Islanders?


For football: Jets or Giants?

I support both because I want our teams to get to the Super Bowl.

For soccer: Red Bulls or NYCFC?

Red Bulls.

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