CAZZETTE From Sweden Continue to Magnify Their Popularity

CAZZETTE released their latest track "Get On Wiw It" on June 12 via Magnetic Tape/Cosmos Music

CAZZETTE is comprised of Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Björklund. CAZZETTE is a Swedish electronic music duo who has been pumping up world-famous festival stages and nightclubs since 2011. They are best known for their songs “Beam Me Up“, from their debut album Eject (2012), and “Sleepless” (2014), which charted in Sweden and was certified gold. They have also collaborated with legendary producers such as Avicii, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso. CAZZETTE have sold many gold-charted releases, received numerous Swedish Grammy nominations and reached the top of the Billboard Dance Chart. The Swedish producers recently released their latest dance hit “Get On Wiw It” and it is currently available for download and stream. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with CAZZETTE, a Swedish duo who continue to magnify their popularity in international dance music.

Kenny Ngo: How have you guys been doing since the pandemic began?

CAZZETTE: Really well. I feel blessed to have been stuck in Sweden. I left in the beginning in March from Los Angeles to go back to Sweden to write an album. I haven’t been able to return back yet but the inspiration has been flowing and we have been able to create a lot of new and interesting music. I am feeling grateful that the people I know and their loved ones have remained healthy.

The track “Get On Wiw It” came out on June 12, 2020. How was the production process for it like?

Sebastian and I always send files back and forth until we are both satisfied with the tune. I started the idea actually laying down in bed playing around with the bassline idea of the song one evening and we later kept on vibing on it until it was there. Sebastian really glued the idea together and a friend of mine and I arranged it and added those 90s stabs that I can’t seem to get enough of.

What is the track about?

The message is pretty straight forward but to me it’s about keeping your head up and to get on with it. Life can be difficult and I think the world as a collective is going through a difficult time. I wanted to bring something out with a positive vibe and a reminder to get on with it. It will be ok.

Are you guys planning to release more music later this year?

We have a bunch of new songs and without compromise, we will put out at least one single a month on various labels including our newly started imprint Magnetic Tape. We are fully independent now and it feels fantastic to have the freedom to put out whatever we feel like.

How does it feel organizing operations of your own imprint Magnetic Tape?

It is a bit overwhelming and challenging and equally rewarding and fun. I recommend every artist trying it out. You gain a lot of perspectives and I have learned so much in these past months.

Leading Northern European indie record label Cosmos Music worked with you guys in establishing Magnetic Tape. How is that relationship like between you and them currently?

We established Magnetic Tape when we put out “Let It Be” and was shortly approached by Cosmos which has been great to work with. It is fun having people with experience and passion supporting our vision. We speak at least twice a week if not more and right now its exciting times for both of us.

How was the beginning of your career like?

Intense. A lot of shows. A lot of partying. I’m very grateful for having been to more than 40 countries and played amazing venues and festivals.

You guys worked with the likes of Avicii, Axwell, and Sebastian Ingrosso in the past. How did it feel working with those legendary producers?

I can’t speak for Seb but I know that the one thing we share is the love for music. It doesn’t really matter if we work on a song with Kanye or an unknown artist as long as the soul is there.

Do you have a favorite song from the three aforementioned producers?

“New New New (Avicii Remix)” was an absolute game-changer to me. Axwell’s “Open your heart” and “Feel the Vibe”, Ingrosso’s “Kidsos” was belter when it came out too.

If the pandemic officially ends today, what is the first thing that you guys would do?

Sweden has been pretty good and I do not feel very restricted. I just want to get back behind the decks and play all of our new music.

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