Behind the Scenes of the “Walking In Grace” Remix with Chemikkal

Chemikkal prides himself on being able to control the room by having a flawless mixing technique. He spends hours behind the decks and behind the computer mastering his craft and creating the most entertaining sets and tracks. Having previously devised a stunning guest mix for the Vessbroz ‘ElectroVessel’ show, it was only right that a collaboration was on the cards. Chemikkal applied his natural music capabilities to remix one of the Vessbroz biggest tunes ‘Walking In Grace’ into an incredible Future Bass hit. We caught up with Chemikkal to discuss some behind the scenes information.

What was the inspiration behind your remix of ‘Walking In Grace’?
The inspiration behind my remix of Walking in Grace stems from my love for future bass and trap sounds. The artist Slander was my biggest inspiration for this remix. They create a massive amount of emotion in their remixes and original tracks. I experimented with multiple different sounds to develop an up-tempo remix, once I sped up the original track, I knew that thick super saws and deep kick drums were going to really enhance the song itself.

Which part of the original did you really want to enhance with your version?
I was really interested in the arps in the song, so I enhanced them by pulling them into the drop. I also thought that the beginning cords could compliment the drop by turning them into super saws, so I did that too. The kicks were something that was really important as well since I was going for a future bass remix. I wanted to give a punchier feel, in the beginning, leading up to the drop.

How did this remix come about?
I was approached by Vessbroz on Instagram about a mix series, which later led to them asking me to make a remix for their newest release. It was a great experience working with them and I look forward to seeing what else we can work on in the future.

Was there a moment where you thought ‘this remix is going to be really great!’?
I think the moment I knew my remix was going to be great was when I had transformed the build-up with heavy super saws and laid down the chords for the drop. It all came together exactly how I wanted it to.

How do you usually approach remixes, do you have a particular process?
I usually approach remixes by first speeding up the tempo as far as I can without making it impossible to sing or play an instrument too, then I slow it down until I find the sweet spot where I can add future bass and trap elements.

What do you love about the original release?
The lyrics of the song caught my ear immediately. I love the flow of the words, the way they are sung, and how they were matched to the flow of the chords perfectly. The melody of the song was very interesting in how they counter the vocals the right way as well.

What’s your one top tip for making a top remix?
My top tip for producing remixes is that you should try as best as you can to keep the integrity of the original song, while also adding your own music theory spin and or sound to it. People want to hear your spin on things but not an entirely different song.

What can we expect next for you?
What my fans should expect is a series of music coming out to end the year. As a future bass producer, I plan to utilize my technique informs that other producers have not expanded on yet. I have several tracks developed in my library that are ready to be released to my fans. I might even spoil them with several tracks to end the year!
The plan is to have lots of different collaborations and singles to be released independently, to showcase my identity into the EDM scene. Some of these singles and collaborations will include Trap, Electro House, Future Bass, and Dubstep. As a DJ from the Midwest, Hip-Hop is very prevalent here, so be on the lookout for more Trap/Future bass singles coming out as well!

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