Clambake & Rav3era Discuss Life in Quarantine

Swiss DJ brothers talk about how they have been doing in quarantine

Brothers in arms Clambake and Rav3era are a dance music duo with laser focus and are relentless in working on their sound and consistently releasing standout tracks. Their latest release was back in early March with their ‘Give Me’ EP on Polish record label FRKNTN. Since then, a whole lot has happened in the world, so we caught up with the boys to discuss what they have been getting up to during quarantine.

Clambake & Rav3era

What are your thoughts on the current epidemic? 

It’s definitely a really difficult time for all. We all have to live with restrictions, but we think, if we all stick to the guidelines, we will all return to our everyday life soon.

How do you think the current climate will have an effect on the music industry?

For sure the organizers of parties and festivals have a really difficult situation, because they’re having to cancel but maybe when everything opens again, it could trigger a new hype!

What’s been your favourite series to binge so far? 

So, there are a lot of cool series to watch, but we really like Mandalorian, Sons of Anarchy and Dexter. Such Masterpieces.

Have you decided to take up a new skill or learn something during your time in quarantine? 

We’ve tested a lot of new plugin’s and tried to learn a new instrument.

How many virtual quiz nights have you taken part in so far? 

None so far! but if someone out there invites us we are there 😉

Have you been working on any new music during this time?

We always working on new music. That’s our great passion and we have some really special projects finished.

What have you been doing to keep yourself sane? 

We always try to comply with the guidelines, wash our hands as often as possible and try to keep the distance of 2m.

If you could put together a virtual festival, who would you have as your headliners?

Afrojack, Hardwell, Armin van Buuren! It would be crazy.

Have you developed any new funny habits from being in quarantine? 

Clambake: Unbelievably yes, I have been making my bed every morning since quarantine.

Rav3era: I started planting exotic plants at home, such as a banana tree…

Finally, what’s the first thing you will do once restrictions are lifted?

We’ll meet all our friends and have a crazy garden-party on Clambake’s new balcony… definitely one of the first things which we will do.

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