Cymbol Discusses His Latest Impressive Release ‘Hanging On’

Hailing from New Zealand, enigmatic producer Cymbol has quickly risen to prominence in the dance music industry, specializing in melody-laced, beat-driven dance music that has etched his name into local airwaves. With whopping beats and huge aspirations in mind with his new release, you can expect Cymbol’s latest production ‘Hanging On’ to take you on a journey and transport you into a world of your own. With previous hits like ‘Miss These Days’, ‘Best Friends’, ‘Slipping’ and ‘Roll It Up’ topping off his discography of impressive hits, it is clear to see that rising talent Cymbol is here to make shockwaves in the scene.

Hey Cymbol, great to hear from you. Tell us the story behind ‘Hanging On’? 

I made this song when I went through a rough patch of not being able to write music I would be happy with. One day in the studio, I decided to write something upbeat, exciting, and fun – kinda like an anthem. The feeling of writing this made me bring myself up again and confident to tackle the world and here I am sharing that experience with you. 

Where did you gain inspiration from for this track? 

The inspiration partially comes from continuously exhausting myself trying to top the last song I had made (which I felt I wasn’t able to do when creating in the studio 2 years ago). Then I got told the most valuable thing from a friend I will always take with me, and that was “just have fun making music” and what do you know.  

How would you describe ‘Hanging On’ for those who have not heard it yet?

Hanging On is a dance/pop track that takes you on an adventure. You just know something big is coming at the drop, and it does exactly that, it feels like a whole orchestra is playing and really takes you on a journey. 

Have you got any top tips for songwriting? 

Listen to music and analyze how simple the biggest songs are. Apply that to your production, start cutting things out, let the track breathe. But ultimately, there are really no rules, go with your gut and if it feels right, it is right. 

Whose input do you trust the most when releasing new music? 

Kind of have a couple of groups I test it out with – one would be a couple of musicians/DJ mates and the other would be a group of friends who aren’t musicians. I don’t like sharing it to too many as it starts making you second guess yourself. Ultimately, you have to be happy with what you are releasing and the decision comes down to you and how much you believe in it.  

Did you have any struggles making this track? 

Percussion was really tricky on this one, I spent hours and hours really trying to make it work. But percussion is the biggest part of all my productions, so I really wanted to make this one work. It’s probably the most drums/percussion I have ever put in a track. 

The vocals from Janayah are a really nice touch on this track. How did you come about working with her?

A mutual friend found her on Instagram as she was singing amazing covers, and so my mate introduced me to Janayah and we got a session happening really quick –  I thought she absolutely killed it as soon as she started singing on the mic, and she is only 16! 

How would you compare this track to some of your other releases? 

This may be my heaviest drop; it really feels like a festival song, and I envision myself playing this out to the biggest of crowds roaring to the drums and chanting the chorus.  

Is there any more music we can look forward to hearing from you? 

Yes, I have a bunch of releases to follow including an album. This has been in the works over the last couple years so they’re definitely not far away 

Where can we go to listen and buy ‘Hanging On? 

Here is a link to most major platforms: Also if you get lost, follow me on Instagram and FB @cymbol303. Thanks! 

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