Daisy Guttridge Discusses New Music and Upcoming Tour

Rising electronic music vocalist Daisy Guttridge talks about her latest music and another upcoming tour with Hippie Sabotage.

Daisy Guttridge is one of electronic music’s must-hear vocalists in the industry today. Over the past few years, the rising star from Birmingham, England (and currently Los Angeles-based) has provided her fantastic vocal skills to outstanding tracks. One of those tracks being Vicetone‘s “Waiting“, which made her into a name that no music fan should not forget about. Last month, she released her own single, “i found u“, which is off of her upcoming debut EP, The Highs. It is a track that motivates and uplifts people, especially if they are not feeling good at the moment.

Currently, Daisy Guttridge is anticipating another tour with good friends and electrifying duo, Hippie Sabotage, beginning in January 2022. The vocalist toured with the duo before on their “Direction of Dreams” tour in early-2020, before the first COVID shutdowns began. Hippie Sabotage‘s tour that Daisy Guttridge will participate is called “Rooms of Hallucination” and will take place from January 8th to May 5th. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with the future electronic music vocal superstar as she talks about her new music and upcoming tour with Hippie Sabotage. Also, check out One EDM’s first interview with Daisy Guttridge in April 2020 by clicking on this link.

Kenny Ngo: Hi Daisy! We are here in December now. What do you think about this whole year of 2021?

Daisy Guttridge: I think this has been a year of pause and growth. I have been making the most of this extra time to prepare for tour and to appreciate the silver linings.

You recently released your debut single, “i found u”, which is off of your upcoming debut EP, The Highs. How does it feel to produce your own EP?

It has been such a cathartic experience to have written The Highs EP with my longtime collaborator and producer TK Kayembe! We spent the past three years writing together before finally arriving at this new musical chapter.

‘i found u’ has especially been an inspiring song as its about finding yourself in the right places at the right time. When I moved to Los Angeles I experienced many highs and lows, It was a period of great uncertainty. In this EP, I talk about what can go right when you trust yourself and hope to inspire others to do the same.

Since the last time we connected back in April 2020, what else have you accomplished in terms of musical production?

In the time that has passed, I discovered my sound and who I want to be as an artist. I wrote so much during that period and got comfortable with the uncomfortable, in the process confronting myself head on. I now have a body of work I am insanely proud of and can’t wait to share with the world.

You will go on tour once more with good friends and Sacramento duo Hippie Sabotage in 2022. How does it feel to go on tour again?

Hippie Sabotage and I have gone through so many crazy experiences together on tour, I am so excited to be back on the road with the boys! They are my musical family and we have so much fun performing music together all over the world. I can’t wait for that first show, nothing feels as good as being on stage sharing my stories.

You last went on tour with Hippie Sabotage in early-2020, before the first COVID shutdowns. What are the differences between this upcoming tour and the 2020 tour?

I took for granted the special moments we get to share with everyone on tour. This time round, I’m going to focus on being fully present in every moment and make the most of the small joys on tour. 2020 showed me an alternate reality of what it is like to not be able to perform. As a musician, that was a really scary time so I am thankful for the opportunity to be back on the road.

Speaking of 2020, what was your favorite tour stop before the COVID shutdowns and your favorite memory of it?

Our last tour was cut so short that every single show was so memorable. After tour got cancelled, all I could think about was how special those shows were and how they set the bar for the future.

Getting back to the music, are you still creating more tracks for the EP?

My EP is finished and ready to be heard by the world. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing for the next one, lots of new music to come!

What can the fans look forward to in regards to this upcoming EP?

I hope my upcoming EP, The Highs, can inspire my fans to embrace the unknown. You can only feel the highs when you been down low.

Now that things have gotten a bit better in regards to attending and performing at live music events, have you performed at any music festivals this year?

I have spent this past year preparing for my new live show. It is different compared anything I have done before. I am excited to give the audience a deeper insight into who I am as an Artist. I have grown so much as a person since the last time I was on stage and feel like I’m going to be performing as a brand new person in the best possible way.

What else shall we look forward to hearing from you in 2022?

My next single has a very exciting unexpected collaboration. I had the opportunity to work with an Artist who inspires me so that was really special to create something together.

Check out the locations for the “Rooms of Hallucinations” Tour:

Hippie Sabotage Rooms of Hallucination
Image Courtesy: Hippie Sabotage
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