David Puentez Shares Production of “Banana” in Interview

"Banana" marks the producer's third release on Warner Music.

David Puentez shares his process behind the making of his most recent songBanana,” along with comments regarding his growth as a producer in an interview. Released via Warner Music in late November, “Banana” marks the producer’s third release on the label. A house hit, the song is emblematic of good vibes with its relaxing melodies and deep beats.

Check out David Puentez’s “Banana” below, along with an interview with the producer.

Jillian Nguyen: With “Banana” being your third release on Warner Music, why was it best to return to Warner for the song’s release?

David Puentez: Luckily I have signed an agreement with Warner Music that allows me to release a lot of different music together. Banana is the 3rd release we are working on together, however, we have been planning this release for more than 6 months already. I love the team at Warner and everyone is highly motivated.

What was the production process like behind the single? 

In March we got the vocals from the songwriters and then I started a basic demo during the first lockdown in Germany. A few weeks later we had to re-record the vocals with a new vocal artist. Her name is CHU. She is simply amazing. The track lives from the vocal and lyrics and the instrumental is more like giving it the right fit. Also, the vibe is more cool and edgy, less of a hammering mainstage sound.

Were there any challenges during the production process? 

There are always challenges. 😃 In this case, we did not use the original vocalist as we felt that with my idea how the track should sound. It didn’t really fit with the vibe. So we had to find someone else that had, like, kinda the same vibe and feel I was looking for, and luckily we found the perfect vocalist!

What were some of your inspirations for the song?

Jax Jones for sure, I have loved his stuff for years, cool commercial stuff, always fresh. Big motivation and inspiration!

You’ve had an impressive and long career in music since you first emerged. How would you say you’ve evolved as an artist?

Yeah, it’s been a long way, but everyone has a different way to go. I think my releases on Musical Freedom and the support from the legend Tiësto got me on a next level on my career. He always has good and honest feedback on my productions, and I learned a lot from him. Luckily everything has been growing ever since and I’ve only just got started!

Once live events start returning to their normal capacity, where would you be most excited to perform first?

New York City – I love it!

Can you take us back to any fond memories of performing live? 

One of the shows I instantly remember and think back on before the whole pandemic started was in New Zealand on NYE. This show was so cool. Great energy, in the middle of a vineyard with 5,000 people in the sunshine. Great vibes!

What’s next for you and your career?

Since corona, you cannot really plan anything anymore. 😃 But jokes aside, everything is there for a reason and for sure I hope I can release more new music with also one or two great features on these records.

Anything else you want to share with our readers?

Stay safe and healthy in these crazy times, and merry Christmas and all the best for 2021!

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