Behind the Scenes of Dermot Kennedy’s “Power Over Me” Remix with TREVY

Columbian DJ and Producer TREVY is known for his hits such as “The Night, “Love Again” and “Back To You”, all of which have racked up masses of streams, plays and downloads. Tiesto has supported his music and he has opened the show for the likes of Bad Bunny and Shaun Frank. TREVY has now created an absolutely stunning remix of Dermot Kennedy’s “Power Over Me” which has been receiving radio plays in Germany and is steadily climbing the charts. We caught up with TREVY to discuss some exclusive behind the scenes information about his latest release.

What made you decide to remix Dermot’s “Power Over Me“?

I actually was contacted by Dermot Kennedy’s management to do the remix! I’m so glad they did, I love the song.

“Power Over Me” is already becoming a huge track in its own right, how did you approach differentiating your remix from the original?

When I heard the vocal, I instantly knew it was a hit. For the remix, I decided to add more energy by incorporating the TREVY sound, while still maintaining the original feeling of the track.

You’ve already received radio plays for your remix across Germany, how has that been for you?

It felt great because I put a lot of work into the remix. At first, it felt unreal but after seeing and hearing all the positive feedback from press and radio it just felt natural. It is crazy to see how one song can have that big of an impact.

What is your secret to creating outstanding remixes?

Respecting the original is always a crucial part for my remixes. Most of the time, I remix slow songs because they have more room to add more elements and be creative. I tend to add more energy especially with the bass and kick so that it can be played in clubs. Likewise, something that can be very powerful is adding different melodies that still remind you of the original.

What other than music helps to get your creative juices flowing?

I tend to get creative when I am living in the present moment. My mind tends to wander a lot, so meditation is a very helpful tool for me.  Likewise, going out with my friends and family helps a lot.

Did you face any difficulties when releasing this track?

Yes, I actually had a deadline of one week to finish the song! It was very hard at times because I tend to be a perfectionist. In the end it was so worth it because I pushed myself to the limit. What us producers need to understand is that the perfect song doesn’t exist.   

Can we look forward to any gigs from you soon?

Yes! At the end of March, I will have my first gig in Miami during the Miami Music Week. After that, I have two other shows booked on April in Orlando, Florida.

What would be your dream label to work with?

Armada Music! I have said this on many interviews; so I hope to one day I get their attention haha!

Have you got any collaborations in the pipeline?

Yes! I have a collaboration coming up with a very talented producer. His name is MOSKA. He has done official remixes and collaborations with Tiesto, Luis Fonsi, Laidback Luke, Major Lazer and many more!

What is next for TREVY?

At the moment I am locked in the studio finishing new projects. My next release will be this April. Lately, I’ve been songwriting a lot too. One of my goals for this year is to also be the vocalist of one of my own songs.

Check out TREVY’s remix of ‘Power Over Me’ here:

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