Devyn Moon’s Mesmerizing Musical Style Is One to Check Out

Devyn Moon is a rising star in the future bass scene

Devyn Moon is an up-and-coming, non-binary electronic music producer and singer-songwriter with a unique musical style. Devyn Moon’s musical style has a great blend of R&B, electronic and bedroom-pop. Formerly known as LYTA, the Vietnamese-American artist has made great strides in the future bass scene this past year as ze released amazing tracks on EDM labels like Electro Pose. Devyn Moon has also seen hir music feature on shows, platforms and channels such as San Holo‘s “Bitbird Radio“, Aviencloud, Nourish and many others.

Devyn Moon will also release hir newest single, “Remedy”, very soon. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Devyn Moon, who would have performed at SXSW this year if the COVID-19 pandemic did not happen. Additionally, Devyn Moon is also performing at this weekend’s Joy Ruckus Club, a virtual music festival that headlines talented Asian-American music artists. Definitely check out more of Devyn Moon’s music by clicking on this link.

Kenny Ngo: What made you become an EDM singer-songwriter and producer?

Devyn Moon: Honestly, it wasn’t my initial intention. I actually was aiming for being some sort of R&B indie singer-songwriter type vibe, like a Lauren Hill meets John Mayer for example . When I released my initial EP, the Houston Press did a review over it and introduced me as an up-and-coming electronic artist. I was actually confused at first since I didn’t consider my music as electronic, though I am a huge fan of the genre.

It was a slow start at first, I believe because I was trying to appeal to the wrong demographic. However, once I started defining my music as such for pitching means, all these popular future bass and electronic channels started uploading and playlisting my songs and it just snowballed from there. It was a path I didn’t anticipate but actually expanded my creativity within compositions and writing, it just felt more natural to me, at the end of the day I’m super grateful for this happy accident.

What did your friends and family think about your decision to become a singer-songwriter and producer?

I feel so blessed to have such an amazing encouraging support system. Before I pursued music more seriously and professionally, I was training as a dancer at this popular competitive dance studio in Houston. So the majority of my close friends are crazy talented dancers and choreographers. If there’s one thing I can confidently say about the dance community is that they will support and root for you to the ends of the earth. They redefined failures for me as growth and hype you up like crazy when reaching your goals; no matter how small.

Like the people were choreographing to my songs and when I released my first single on SoundCloud, my friends/teammates surprised me with a huge poster of my single artwork with all of their signatures and words of positive affirmation. One of the things that was written went something like “Congrats on the first of many…”. It sparked something in me that inspired me to keep going with it. They believed in me before I even believed in myself – even until this day. My family is supportive but I’m not sure they know exactly what kind of music I make or do. I just know they want me to go karaoke with them every time I’m home.

Before you began your music career, what was your most favorite concert or festival that you attended?

Most? Ah I can’t say I absolutely adore every concert I go too, but I would have to say I do miss Day for Night that used to happen in Houston each year. Where it was part art installation exhibitions / concerts and took place in this abandoned post office. I saw everyone from  Aphex Twin, Solange, Tyler the Creator, Kaytranada to NineinchNails there! And while you were waiting for your set you could go look at these crazy art installations around the building. Very industrial underground rave type vibes, but all the energy of a music festival. Minus all the frills and flower crowns. It rained every year but that made it so much cooler.

You will release your upcoming single called “Remedy”. What is the track about?

I wrote “Remedy” around the start of quarantine, during that temporary standstill of the world left a moment for self introspection. I had gone through quite a rough patch last year and was still reeling from some events that occurred. In fact, I stopped drinking, smoking, partying and whatever else I used to do just to run away from issues I needed to combat head on. So in turn, it was about my journey of leaving behind the old and embracing the new , and becoming my own knight in shining armor & healer to get there.

How did you produce the track the way that you wanted it to sound like when people begin listening to it?

I usually have a general idea of where I’d like a track to go, so I started on the overall melody first, after that I realized I wanted the beginning to be a bit more simplistic. Also I was playing a lot with making house music at the time, so I wanted it to be soft yet danceable. I love a good pocket in the drums.

I sent the mix to my friend Anthony whom I’ve worked on previous projects with. He has a fantastic ear and we usually create the song based on how it’ll make the audience feel. I feel like for me, if you focus too much on how you want it to sound to a specific audience, chances are you might lose your own originality on the way. Focusing more on how you feel while making the song and translating that feeling to your audience, feel like more my vibe.

How does it feel to have an internationally-renowned electronic music star like San Holo supporting your music? Especially since he had already featured it on his “Bitbird Radio” show.

It was awesome! I actually didn’t know much about the show but the song that was featured was “Fantasy” with this awesome future bass producer named Homals! We were both pretty blown away and it was a nice feeling. I couldn’t stop cheesing.

Will the fans get to hear more music from you at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2021?

Oh yeah, most definitely! I got some good stuff coming out soon, I’m super excited to show it off!

If COVID had not exist, you would have gotten the chance to perform at SXSW. How did you react when you found out that SXSW cancelled the 2020 edition?

I think my friends and fans who hoped to see me perform were more disappointed than I was. I was taking a nap when my phone started blowing up about it. But I was just honored to be part of the lineup in general and SXSW happens every year, I’ve been going since 2013, since it’s right here in Austin. If you talk to anyone who’s done a SXSW show, I’m sure they’ll tell you about how chaotic and crazy it gets trying to commute, ducking through crowds and carrying all your equipment just to get to your stage. (There’s about hundreds of shows going on at the same time). Plus with the talk of Covid going around I was actually already pretty weary. 

Besides that I was stoked to have been part of the official line up since it’s been a dream of mine as a kid, especially one who’s gone for years. I’ve met my closest friends, made so many connections and fond memories during the festival season throughout the years that are still standing strong today. I’m sad it didn’t happen but not because I couldn’t perform but I just wanted to see all those friends again this year.

When COVID dies down, which music festivals would you want to perform at the most in the future?

Can’t really choose one, honestly any of them would be great. I just want to perform in general!

Since you are from Houston, which nightclubs do you recommend people to visit when COVID declines soon?

I was never one to go out to nightclubs when I was living in Houston, but my friends and I would occasionally go to Barbarella’s for their emo and 80’s nights. Other than themed events or concerts, I’m usually a homebody. The best nightclub is drinking wine at home with your cats; It’s cheap and adorable!

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