One EDM Exclusive Interview with Grammy-Nominated DJ Dirty South

Dirty South discusses his latest EP and recent albums

Grammy and ARIA-nominated DJ Dirty South, is approaching his 16th year working in the industry. The Melbourne-based Serbian-Australian producer has collaborated with the likes of Axwell, Alesso, and David Guetta. Last year, Dirty South released two albums, darko and XV. On August 15, 2019, Dirty South just released latest EP titled, Little Devious on Lane 8‘s record label, This Never Happened. Dirty South’s next performance on his Little Devious tour is on August 30th at Halcyon SF in San Francisco.

Kenny Ngo: How was it like producing the Little Devious EP on Lane 8’s record label, This Never Happened?

Dirty South: So the way it worked out was quite organic. It came off the back of finishing two albums last year (XV and Darko) and I was deciding what to do next. I decided to make some club tracks and just see what happens naturally. As I finished a bunch of tracks, Daniel (Lane 8) reached out and asked if I had any new music to share. I sent him 4 tracks and he loved them all so that’s how it went down.

In regards to the musical style of Little Devious, how was it like fusing progressive and tech-house?

I don’t really think about the genres or sub-genres too much. Literally, I just make music in the style that I’m feeling at that moment and see where the inspiration takes me. I listen to a lot of music of all different styles and try to catch a vibe to make music that makes me excited.

You’re currently on your Little Devious tour since July 27th and your next show will be on August 30th at Halcyon SF in San Francisco. What has been your favorite venue to perform at on the tour and why?

The tour has been fantastic and I’m super happy so far. One of the shows that was extra special was in NYC because it was the first time I played on a boat. The atmosphere was incredible, we sailed around Manhattan, right next to Statue Of Liberty and people were in an amazing mood.

How was it like releasing your 3rd and 4th albums respectively, ‘darko’ and ‘XV’, in the same year back in 2018?

I like to challenge myself as much as I can, so to do 2 albums in a year was fantastic achievement for me personally. I felt very inspired last year and those 2 albums were the result of that high level of inspiration and excitement for dance music.

What were the most notable differences and similarities found in both ‘darko’ and ‘XV’?

I’m not really sure of that because it’s hard to evaluate my own music. But I would probably say the music is more patient and mature than the music I’ve made in the past.

What are your hopes for the next couple years?

I’ve been really blessed to have such long career now with the Dirty South project. I think it’s coming onto 16 years now. All I can hope for is to be able to continue this for as long as people are enjoying the music and my DJ sets.

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