Doc Brown: Thriving Beatport-charting Artist

Doc Brown discussed plans for Unlearn, career achievements, upcoming musical projects, and more

Doc Brown makes tough but melodic, tech house. To emphasize, Doc Brown has released pulse-pounding tracks on Cube Trax, Whartone, HoTL, Insomniac, Lapsus Music and others. Support for Doc Brown has come from various artists such as Tiësto, David Tort, Tocadisco, Oscar G, Supernova, Marco Lys, Hector Couto and Damian Lazarus.

Before COVID-19 appeared, he was a Groove Cruise resident and played all across the US, including various EDC festivals, BPM and so forth. Last summer, Doc Brown launched his own record label for the first time ever called Unlearn:Records. Here is One EDM‘s exclusive interview with Doc Brown as he discussed plans for Unlearn, career achievements, upcoming musical projects, and more.

Alessia Toscano: Tell us about the relationships you’ve had with other producers. Do you collaborate often?

Doc Brown: “Truth be told, until the pandemic I wasn’t finding a lot of success with collaborations. I was—and still am—a bit shy to approach producers I want to work with and getting in the studio with some of the producers who had approached me about working together never really seemed to work out. Then, seemingly for no reason whatsoever, I was approached by multiple artists I have a ton of respect for asking to write some music together…which was honestly quite humbling. Every single of them has gone swimmingly and I think it’s some of the best music I’ve put my name to yet. The first one coming out will be an EP with 2 tracks I’ve done with Toronto-based producer and vocalist MC Flipside; I can’t wait to share them!”

What are your plans for Unlearn this year?

“This will be the first full year of Unlearn:Records so I’m actually quite excited! Although I felt a bit odd about releasing music from other artists during the pandemic (and especially approaching the holiday season), I’m definitely going to open it up this year. I’m also looking forward to moving the brand into events; I’ve been running a fun and successful show on Twitch every Sunday during the day and I’d like to be able to transition that into a live event (which would also be streamed.) My hope is that the world will return to enough normal during the course of the year that small, safe, outdoor daytime events can happen.”

What release or project do you consider your most significant career achievement so far?

“Aside from the label, which is relatively new, the biggest one for me was probably signing “Totally” to Stereo Productions. It was the first big label I signed to where there was significant traction on the track outside of my own promotion efforts. It really showed me the value in having a label that acts as a partner with their artists & has a multifaceted approach with releases, a radio show, and events.”

Photo Credit: Adam Hahn

Are there any things that you try and achieve every day of your life in your career?

“Well, the thing I love about being a musician is that every day is different—a different set of projects, a different set of challenges, a different group of people to be working with…and that always keeps me on my toes! I try to take each day at a time, try not to bite off more than I can chew & keep a positive mental mindset. Steady progress is the key!

An artist’s relationship with their fans is a very important one. How do you want to inspire your fans throughout your career?

“I’ve been very fortunate to have an amazing relationship with my fans thus far; they are extremely passionate and supportive. I’ve also been able to grow closer with them over the past year via my show on Twitch and my Discord server which has been special. As far as inspiration, I just try to keep it positive and encourage everyone to go after what they really want. When I was younger, I was told by more than a few adults that being a musician was “unrealistic” and that I should choose a more stable path, so I try to help break down any fear-based thought processes whenever possible—both in myself & in those who are around me.”

If you were to make a playlist with new 2020 covers/songs, which ones would be in your top 10?

It’s funny you should ask because, in my final Twitch show of 2020, I started off by counting down my top 10 played songs of the year (that weren’t mine). It included tracks from Siege, Qubiko, Shadow Child, Bontan, DJ Dan, and Harry Romero and releases from great labels like Stereo, Poker Flat, SNOE, and DFTD. TWITCH VIDEO

When do you think about success in the music industry, which artist do you think of? And what does this person do that inspires you?

“For me, the most impressive artists are the ones that do it all, and over the past year, I have specifically been paying attention to what Claude VonStroke is doing with Dirtybird. Although the sound of the label itself doesn’t always fit with mine, every release is unique both sonically & in the songwriting which I appreciate. He’s also doing so much to bring up and develop new artists, which I don’t believe enough people are doing. He also throws hugely successful events—and now successful virtual events—that connect with and inspire his fans, so it really is the complete package.”

Can you tell us about your own upcoming projects for the next few months?

“Well, the main goal is to continue to push the Unlearn brand both through the label and the Twitch show. Then musically, I’ve been working on projects with Jerome Robins, Vanilla Ace, and Lizzie Curious and can’t wait to get those all finished and find label homes for them. I also have a remix for Horatio coming out later this month I’m really excited about. Sometimes the most difficult part is keeping all the unreleased music to yourself until the right time!”

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