OneEDM Interview with Donn Camps

OneEDM: Welcome Donn, what would you say was your inspiration for your latest record ‘Cold Case’?

I wanted to release a single that you can sing-a-long and dance too at the same time.

What message are you are trying to send fans with the song?

The twisted mix of lyrics and music works in a special way, I let the fans judge by themselves, I wanted to show them that the music I release is very diverse.

What other artists do you continue to pull inspiration from?

I really like Don Diablo and David Guetta, these guys are really amazing looking at their brand, image, and music.

Your ultimate collaboration right now would be with who & why?

I already gave a little answer to that, would be Don or David. The Guetta vibe, very strong crossover songs in various genres are really great, the same for Diablo as his Hexagon brand is really strong.

What makes the music culture special in your homeland?

The Netherlands is a country that has been delivering big DJ/producers for three decades, it is very special that a country so small, is so big and dominant in the global dance scene. For us, it is just a part of our culture.

How does it feel to have launched your own label, Dhamma Chanda Music?

It feels really great! When shopping tracks to labels it sometimes becomes very frustrating. With my own imprint, I can schedule, promote, and market my own singles. This gives me the freedom to release music whenever I want!

And lastly, what’s your one single biggest aim for 2019?

I have a lot of tracks for 2019, I am focussing on both club ( Beatport ) and streaming ( Spotify, Apple Music ) releases. Would be great to get some radio play and chart success in the coming year! Donn Camps is coming for ya!

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