Exclusive One EDM Interview With Eddie Gold

Eddie has performed at events such as Iris Presents, Imagine Festival, Kingdom Rave, Counter Point Music Festival, TomorrowWorld and many others. I recently asked Eddie to spend a few minutes talking with me about his music, his life, and what it’s like being an artist in the EDM scene.

What are you working on right now?

Eddie Gold: Right now, I’m working on another Bass House track. It’s kind of like the style I’ve been chasing lately. I just really dig it. I love how it sounds, it’s fun. But yeah, I am working on another Bass House track. I am working out of Ableton Live. Just trying to make fun tracks that I enjoy playing that resonate with people out at festivals and clubs.

Is this a standalone track or follow up?

Eddie Gold: It’s going to be in the same realm, and I’m trying to kind of like force my own sound and grow that sound and stick to it. And yeah, Illegal is on the path of where I’m going with this one but you know it’s going to be completely different vibe to it but it’s going to be around the same vibe as that song for sure.

What genre of music do you consider yourself to be in?

Eddie Gold: Right now, Bass House is totally what I ‘m going for. That doesn’t mean that in the future I won’t make trap or dubstep or electro or another genre. That’s just kind of what I ‘am going for right now, and it’s working for me. Coming out of Atlanta, it’s a little different, it’s a lot harder to come out as a bass act or a bass house act. Everybody is making dubstep or trap or rap music.My goal is to make house music that people enjoy, and can be like, “yeah, I actually like what Eddie does.”

Walk me through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today.

Eddie Gold: Let’s see, I was born and raised in Miami and in 1998 I went to my first party ever, and I was instantly hooked. I was just like, I’ve never heard anything like this, it was a whole new experience for me. I got into DJ’ing vinyl music at house parties and what not. It eventually led to me moving to Atlanta a couple years later…I moved so that I could be around more producers, so that I could be around more nightclubs that are doing events.

One of the first people that gave me a chance was Glenn Goodhand and Madeline Goodhand. They happen to own and operate Imagine Festival. Well once a month they do a thing called Iris Presents, and it happens here in Atlanta at Rush Lounge. That became my residency as soon as I got here, they made me a resident of Iris and shortly after that, I started getting gigs all over the place. Like just all over Atlanta. Like Kingdom Rave started booking me. I ended playing Counter Point Music Festival. I ended up playing TomorrowWorld.

Shortly after that, they made me an official resident of Imagine Music Festival, which now happens once a year in September at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. If it wasn’t for them, then we would have been working a lot longer getting to where I am right now. But they helped put me on the forefront of things, and you know shortly after that, promoters started booking me in Florida. I just got a residency in Colorado. And I’ll be playing in Colorado once a month for Mayday Axel Productions. So, it’s kind of just been one thing after another. It started with zero to no shows and zero to little music. Now I am constantly putting music out and I am constantly playing shows. So, you know that it’s just kind of one thing after another.

If a kid walked up to you and asked for your advice in regards to “making it” in the music industry, and you only had a few minutes to give them your best tip, what would it be?

Eddie Gold: There are so many ways I can go with this. You know you’re going to hear no a lot. You’re going to hear people tell you that you can’t do it. That’s going to be one of the things You’re going to have to work with. You have to push forward and you have to work hard. I don’t have a teacher here. I don’t have thousands of dollars to go to school. I make all my music literally in my bedroom. You can do it yourself without having all of this money and big studios. Don’t let those big obstacles that seem like they are super far away stop you from making music. There are ways to make music without all that money.

Could you briefly describe the music-making process?

Eddie Gold: When I begin a song, I come into it with an idea of what I want to do. I’ll start collecting ALL the sounds that I want to use for that track. I use a synth called Serum to make all my bass patches. I’ll pick different patches and start from there. And start working on making my sounds get to the level of where I like, and find different variations of that sound. Then when I am happy with that sound, I will go in and start working on the drums start adding in the melodies. After that, I will start putting in my drops. I just kind of tie it all together…Every track is different; every process is different.Sometimes I’ll start my process completely backward. sometimes I’ll start with the melody. I don’t think there’s a start to finish process.

What are your favorite and least favorite venues?

Eddie Gold: I don’t have a least favorite venue. I guess jail would be my least favorite venue.But my favorite venue that I’ve played so far would have to be Imagine Festival. I played the main stage there the last 4 years and it’s been incredible.

Who are your favorite musicians, groups, CD’s?

Eddie Gold: I love James Brown, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, definitely love Bob Marley. Those are kind of my early musical influences right there. If I didn’t listen to those guys I wouldn’t be where I am today…EDM is awesome, but you’ve gotta take a break, and when I take a break, you gotta go back to those classics.


 Keep an eye out for Eddie Gold at Imagine Festival this year and at Mayday Axel Productions in Colorado. He will also be releasing a new bass house track soon and we are SOOO excited.






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