EDX Talks About “Ecletric” and Recent U.S. Mini-Tour

EDX, Italian-Swiss house music star and Pinkstar Records and Sirup Music founder, recently released his latest single "Ecletric" on April 23.

EDX, the globally-renowned Italian-Swiss DJ/producer born as Maurizio Colella, recently unveiled his latest single, “Ecletric“. To summarize about EDX’s “Ecletric”, it has tight rhythms, growling bass lines, and syncopated synth stabs which then lead to a amazing breakdown. It is a blissful, melodic house track that EDX has introduced to his countless global fans, including the United States where “Ecletric” has received fantastic reviews. EDX’s “Eclectic” came out on April 23 for download and stream, via his Pinkstar Records imprint. It is the Swiss artist’s first release of 2021 since he took a six-month hiatus from music production.

The reason for the hiatus is because he wanted to focus on other areas of his music businesses. Most recently, he conducted a mini-tour of the United States for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began over a year ago. EDX performed in notable cities such San Francisco, Houston, and Orlando, which many fans there were treated to the upbeat “Ecletric”. As the pandemic is slowly winding down, everyone will surely see EDX excite crowds again at more live events, especially Nora En Pure’s “Day To Night Festival” in San Francisco on September 18, 2021. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with EDX as the Pinkstar Records and Sirup Music founder discussed about “Ecletric”, his recent performances in the U.S., and also future music plans this year.

Kenny Ngo: We are in the beginning of May right now. How is your 2021 so far?

EDX: Hey man, what’s up. Thanks for having me and great to be talking to you again. 2021 has been pretty good so far, to be honest. While large parts of the world have been under really strict lockdown measures, Switzerland has taken a slightly more relaxed and rational approach. Besides restaurants, bars and clubs being closed, other restrictions have been fairly minimal and I’ve still been able to go to the office, the studio, visit my mum, spend time with my family, and go about day-to-day life quite normally. In March, I started to go back on tour thanks to the lifting of lockdown in certain parts of the United States, so I’m optimistic about the year ahead. I’ve also recently released my first single of the year, “Ecletric”, which has been getting some amazing feedback, so I’m super happy right now.

Before 2021 started, what were your initial hopes for this year?

Being born to Italian parents, I definitely have a passionate and optimistic streak to my personality, but having lived in Switzerland for many years I’m also a pretty rational guy. I knew that 2021 wasn’t going to be the year that everything went ‘back to normal’ — we are still not out of the woods in terms of the pandemic, and we need to be very cautious. My hopes are pretty realistic to be honest. I’m really keen to spend some time with the family in Italy, and if there is the opportunity to play some shows, then that’s great. I’ve already played a few events in USA, under strict health and safety restrictions, which has been nice. However,r I think it’s going to be a while until we are back to where we were before this all kicked off.

You have recently performed in Chicago, Tempe, and Houston a few weeks ago, as well as other American cities in March. How did it felt performing in the United States since the pandemic began?

It was incredible to be back but if I’m honest, at first it felt a little weird. My first show after the long hiatus was a rooftop dining event in San Fransisco earlier this year. Although it felt slightly unnatural before I went behind the booth, as soon as I started playing music, it just felt like coming home. People were smiling and dancing, and although people were wearing masks, the numbers were reduced and there were restrictions in place, it felt so good to be back playing for people, in person.

That night, I took the red eye to Tampa, where I had my first indoor club show in what has felt like years. The capacity was at 50% and there were still strict health and safety restrictions in place, but it felt amazing to be back behind the decks, doing what I love the most. The vaccine programme in the United States is moving super quickly so fingers crossed we can get back to normal soon.

You have also performed in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale a couple weeks ago. Have you performed in those cities before? If so, what were your favorite memories from performing there?

Yes, I’ve performed in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale many times before and I’ve got nothing but amazing memories of all of my shows there. Florida is like a second home to me, so it’s always very special to come back and play for my fans there.

Onto your latest music release, you unveiled your new single, “Ecletric”, on April 23 (which is the same day that you performed in Orlando). Can you describe, in your own words, how you produced this warm, blissful melodic house track?

It has been a while since I have released some brand new EDX music, so I’m super excited to get this one out there. The last record I put out was “Indian Summer“, which was the lead single for my “EDX: No Xcuses 500” stream back in September, and a couple of other vocal records earlier in 2020. Slowly but surely, we are seeing the nightlife scene in some parts of the world start to open again. So I thought, now would be a great time to release a new club record, made for the dance floor. I wanted to explore some of the more progressive influences and signature sounds of my earlier career and bring them up to date and relevant to fans in 2021. I’m super happy with how Ecletric has turned out and I can’t wait for you guys to check it out.

What are the unique comparisons between “Ecletric” and September 2020’s release of critically-acclaimed, “Indian Summer”?

“Indian Summer” is a more chilled record that I made to fall in between the sexy, upbeat summer singles that I’ve become known for, and the darker records I make for the clubs. It didn’t seem right to release a big club banger while the world was in lockdown, so Indian Summer was tailor made much more for home listening. Now that clubs are opening up again, I thought it would be a good time to release a more upfront and energetic club track.

Overall, how did the crowds in your recent American shows react to “Ecletric”?

“Ecletric” is a killer and it’s been getting some amazing reactions from crowds at all of my shows in North America, which I’m super happy about. As I mentioned before, it’s just great to be back performing in front of people again – you really can’t beat the feedback you get from a live audience, so I’m very grateful to be able to share my music with people first-hand again.

Your Pinkstar Records imprint released “Ecletric”. What are the main differences between creating music for Pinkstar Records and creating music for your main label, Sirup Music?

Both labels are my babies, but I would say PinkStar is a little bit more club-driven, whereas Sirup has a more crossover appeal where we release records that have radio potential. We’re actually gearing up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sirup Music this year, which I’m incredibly proud of.

Will the fans look forward to another release from you? Possibly a new EP or album?

Yes of course! I don’t think there will be an album any time soon, but there is a lot of new music coming up that I can’t wait to share with you guys. The next record is a vocal record on Spinnin Records with Australian vocalist and singer songwriter Jess Ball, who you guys will remember from our debut collab “I Found You“. I’m also really excited to release some more club records, which I will put out as and when the clubs start opening again this year. 

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