Electric Love Festival Interview – Who Knows

Who Knows is a Tech-House/Deep-House duo from Austria. They are signed to Spinnin Deep and Bunny Tiger. Their main focus is to reinvent house music through their catchy bass lines and adding many other live elements that help create their unique sound.


Who Knows: Electric Love Festival


OneEDM: Live after their set on the final day at the Heineken Star Club at Electric Love Festival we are with Who Knows. Guys, phenomenal set.

Who Knows: Thank you we are happy to be here!


OneEDM: Your set was mainly composed of tech house and deep house, which genre is your favorite to produce and which is your favorite to perform?

Who Knows: I think we have developed our own style in the past few years because we thought about what the history of dance music is and it’s about dancing. We tried to develop our Who Knows sound by focusing on the bass lines, the bass drum, and developing our own groove.


OneEDM: What influences or what other musical artists have helped you create the Who Knows sound?

Who Knows: There are many. On one hand, we have the tech house people like Mark Knight and Solardo because they have a very fresh sound. On the other hand, we are influenced by Brazilian artist, Illusionize. They are doing a great job at what they do and we want to combine those influences with our own spin to create our Who Knows sound.


OneEDM: Who Knows has been a duo since 2015, has your sound changed over time? Or how has your sound developed since 2015?

Who Knows: It has grown.  We started with some melodic tracks, but we started focusing more on the groove and the bass as time went on. So we have developed a sound that has helped us play our music live.


OneEDM: In the future, if you could collaborate with any artist of your choice, who would that be and why?

Who Knows: That’s a good question, it is difficult for us to only pick one because there are so many great artists out there and the scene has grown so much that everyone’s sound is so diverse. Illusionize would be our top choice, but we are open to collaborating with anyone.


OneEDM: Is there any exciting upcoming news that you would like to share with your fans first live from Electric Love Festival?

Who Knows: We just finished a remix for Lost Frequencies “All or Nothing”. We have another remix for Robbie Rivera coming out soon on Armada; we hope everyone in the Armada family will hear and love this track!

OneEDM: This question is for Wolfgang specifically. You are a manager for several artists including Pete Sabo and Who Knows, what’s it like being on both sides of operations (artist and manager)? Not many people can say they do both, are there any difficulties that come with booking everything as well as performing?

Who Knows: It’s very difficult. I have a lot to keep track of, but I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. I love everything that I do, all I can really say is I work day and night to make sure that everything is as it should be for all my groups.


Thank you so much for your time, your energy during your set. It was a pleasure to be able sitting down and talk with you.


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