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Subsurface is an up-and-coming young bass music duo from Northern Italy. They have been gaining a following with new their remix of The ChainsmokersAll We Know, having almost 3 million plays on SoundCloud. The duo has shared stages with big name artists like Flux Pavilion, Zomboy, Pendulum, Modestep and much more. Their high energy sets are refreshing in the European music scene. One EDM was able to go backstage and talk with Subsurface after their set at Electric Love Festival 2017.

One EDM: We are live with Subsurface post set at the Club Circus London tent at Electric Love Festival 2017! Great set guys, really enjoyed the energy you brought to the Club Circus London tent tonight!

Subsurface: Thank you! We had a lot of fun up there tonight!


One EDM: So, you guys are from northern Italy?

Subsurface: Yeah the northern most part, like up in the Alps.


One EDM: Would you say you have a lot of fans from that your own town?

Subsurface: We have a lot of local followers within 50km of our hometown, Bolzano, but not in the rest of Italy. We’ve actually played way more shows in Austria than the rest of Italy. The whole Italy music scene is techno and I don’t think they really listen to bass music.


One EDM: Who would you say has had the biggest impact on creating the Subsurface Sound? Especially since, as you just said, your sound and type of music is different and more aggressive than the typical European sound.

Subsurface: It’s Definitely Skrillex. He got us into today’s music. We love Sonny Moore. We also listen to a lot of other music: The Beatles, we love Oasis, we listen to a lot of other bands. We listen to a lot of “old school” stuff to be honest because you have to change it up, especially being on the road and playing a bunch of shows. We love bass music, but we have to listen to other music too.


One EDM: How do those bands help influence your music even though their sound is so much different?

Subsurface: I can’t really tell you, to be honest, it just works.


One EDM: Tonight was your fourth year playing Electric Love Festival. What’s been the biggest difference from the first set you played here to tonight’s set?

Subsurface: Well the first time we played Electric Love Festival we won the DJ contest, so we had the opener slot. We participated in the DJ contest the following year and won again, so that was cool. That year we had the second set of the night, but it was during a time where bass music was kind of not the best thing in Europe. But it’s getting better now. Bass music now is much more prominent, it’s so cool to watch crowds headbang.

One EDM: What are your pre-set rituals to make sure you have a good set?

Subsurface: For the past six years, before every show, we both have to take a [expletive]. A pre-show poop. It helps us relax.


One EDM: What would you say is your favorite type of show to play? Large festivals like ELF? Or smaller/more intimate shows?

Subsurface: We prefer a smaller show with high energy and a kick in sound system. Big festival sets are fun but the smaller/rowdier shows are more memorable for us.


One EDM: Of all of your last shows, which comes to mind for an environment like you just described.

Subsurface: Electric Love Festival 2016. Last year was so crazy, we had an amazing set time and the crowed was packed. This year was good too, but ELF 2016 was really special for us.

One EDM: What venues do you aspire to play at in the future?

Subsurface: There is the crazy club is Germany called Bootshaus. We think it’s one of the craziest clubs in Europe, at least every DJ that plays there says that. Even Tiësto said that this was the best club in all of Europe. This is definitely one of the clubs that we want to play at in the future!


One EDM: Is there anything special that you’re working on that you would like to share first with your fans live from Electric Love Festival?

Subsurface: As far as tracks or new production, not really. You see, the type of music we produce tends to be much different than the music we play during our sets. The most important thing for our live shows is that it goes off and people have a lot of energy! We don’t just care about our music, we care about the show and the experience for the people in the crowd! For example, today, I was so excited when I saw the size of the mosh pit. Seriously, I jumped down from the stage, hopped the barrier, and moshed for a little bit. The little things like that really help engage the crowd in our show!


One EDM: Awesome, thank you guys for sitting down and chatting with us! Once again this has been One EDM with Subsurface live from Electric Love 2017.


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