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Umpire is an up-and-coming bass artist on Circus Records from Vienna, Austria. He has released several Future Bass and Dubstep singles, a two track ep at the beginning of 2017, and he has released remixes for several artists on Circus Records including Dr. Meaker and Flux Pavilion. One EDM had the chance to sit down with Umpire after his set at Electric Love Festival 2017 to discuss his unique sound, inspirations, and new projects.

One EDM: Here we are live, post set from the Club Circus London Stage at Electric Love Festival, with Umpire. It was so refreshing to hear a bass-heavy set, your energy was great tonight!

Umpire: Thanks, man, tonight was great, I almost lost my knot (referring to his man-bun) during the last 10 minutes of my set.

One EDM! So you’re a Vienna-native, and you are also the newest artist signed to Circus Records, so what does it mean to you to have just played on the Club Circus London Stage here at Electric Love Festival 2017?

Umpire: Tonight was special for me, I am really happy to play this festival in my home country and to show everyone that Austria can get down to some bass!

One EDM: No doubt! We love bass, and we love your creativity and unique sound in your tracks, who would you say are your biggest influences that have helped you shape your sound?

Umpire: I’d say for sound design, the biggest and the best player in the game for me is Chee! And for melodic stuff, I get a lot of inspiration listening to Illenium!

One EDM: You consider your genres Future Bass and Dubstep, do you prefer one over the other?

Umpire: When it comes to production I love producing Future Bass. For live shows, I love to mix Dubstep throughout my set because it is so energetic!

One EDM: You’ve now played Electric Love Festival back-to-back years, what upcoming shows are you looking forward to?

Umpire: I am super happy that I get to play in Budapest again this fall! The scene there is really good for bass music, especially for Europe because Europe is not the bassiest.

One EDM: Which artist on Circus Records are you closest with?

Umpire: I’m closest with Dr. Meaker because I remixed his track, “Wanna Feel Love”. Then I met him in Vienna, we had a couple beers, went sight-seeing, had a nice weekend! I’m hoping I’ll get to hang out with Flux P tonight, then I can add him to this list.

One EDM: One of the tracks that put you on the map was your remix of Flux Pavillion’s “Emotional”. Talk about why you made that remix?

Umpire: Well, there was a remix contest… but I missed it. So I didn’t win or even compete in the contest. But I got some good feedback from the remix and it opened the door, it was a gateway to Circus Records. They didn’t sign the remix, but they heard it, so that’s what matters. The real reason why I chose to remix that particular song was that there was a different remix of “Emotional” that wasn’t too good to listen to in the car, so I had to make a remix that would bump in my car.

One EDM: You just dropped your 2-song ep this year, do you have any upcoming projects are you working on that you would like to preview to your fans live from Electric Love Festival 2017?

Umpire: I have one thing that I really wanna talk about but I can’t. I will say this: it has something to do with new music, a new style, even a new alias. Besides that I have I remix so coming for my EP from earlier this year, I heard quite a few remixes for that and they’re bangin’ as [insert expletive] so I’m looking forward to releasing that.

One EDM: So you just talked about having a new alias, tell us more, is it another solo project? Or?

Umpire: It is another solid project. I don’t want to give away too many details, but, I’m trying to do something new and have a different approach to making music. I think the music from this project will have many different vibes. I played a lot of new music from that new alias tonight and it was well received by the crowd, so I can’t wait to play more in the future!

One EDM: Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Umpire: If I could collaborate with anyone it would be Flux! Flux P I’m coming for you!

One EDM: Thank you so much for your time, it’s been a pleasure sitting down and talking with you.

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