Elysian Aims to Make a Statement on American EDM Scene

Denver-based Elysian released his latest single, "Can You Hear Me", on September 22nd. Out now via Hegemon Select

Elysian is a Denver-based DJ who is aiming to become one of the best EDM artists in this country. During this pandemic, Elysian has performed livestream sets that showcased his qualitative music production skills to the EDM fans before they get a chance to see him perform live in the near future. On September 22, Elysian released his latest single titled, “Can You Hear Me“.

Released via Hegemon Select, Elysian’s “Can You Hear Me” is an emotional EDM track that described a person’s experiences in the aftermath of a heartbreak. Here is One EDM’s exclusive with Elysian, the Denver native who may one day headline the best international music festivals and shows. After reading this interview post, download and stream “Can You Hear Me” by clicking on this link.

Kenny Ngo: How was your summer? Did you do anything fun aside from producing music?

Elysian: Considering all that’s been going on in the world right now, my summer was fairly uneventful, but it was very relaxing too. Aside from producing, I’ve been trying to get outside more. I just went up to Mt. Princeton here in Colorado and stayed in a cabin for a weekend and it was the most breathtaking and peaceful stay. I highly recommend it to my Colorado fans!

You released your latest track, “Can You Hear Me”, on September 22nd. Does the track have a backstory to it?

This song is an emotionally raw and powerful ride about the person you once loved and the difficult and painful process of having to let go of that person and move on.

What are the major musical features each listener should take the time to understand?

I wanted the musical features of this song to closely accent my backstory. The goal was to create a drop heavy enough to feel like you have this “emotional weight” on your chest, yet I wanted the melodies of the track to bring hope to the situation, that even through the pain and loneliness, life can be beautiful in the most unexpected ways.

Aside from “Can You Hear Me”, are you currently producing any more tracks for the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021?

I am! I have about seven unreleased songs, three that are polished and ready for release this year. So keep a look out because there is a lot of good music on the way!

What made you start your DJ-ing career?

I started actively listening to EDM in 2008 and I grew a love for the sound design and virtually limitless creativity. A couple years later, my good friend Max taught me how to DJ and we would spend hours every weekend playing around on our Traktor S2, which quickly became some of the best years of my life. Ever since then, I developed a passion to challenge my creativity and invest in music production for the chance to eventually DJ my own original music.

What has been your favorite show that you performed at in the past?

I honestly haven’t performed any public shows in the past as Elysian, aside from the live-streams I performed this summer. I’m hoping once the live music scene opens up again there will be plenty of opportunities to perform for my fans. For the few live-streams I’ve done, I think my favorite was actually for INRVISN’s “All Together Festival” this summer. I was able to set up my equipment at one of my favorite locations in this broken down, stone building and play the most beautiful set I’ve ever recorded. I loved it so much that the videographer and I are considering shooting a set in the mountains once a season.

Who were your musical influences that inspired you to become a DJ?

Some of my biggest EDM inspirations come from Illenium and Seven Lions. I remember hearing Seven Lions “Cosmic Love” remix for the first time like 8 years ago and thinking, this is going to change EDM as we know it. It was the most beautiful and creative song I had ever heard. Then, Illenium dropped his ‘Awake’ album, which completely changed my life. I’m a drummer, so hearing the rock influences, the live instruments and the gorgeous songwriting in his album had completely merged my two music worlds together and showed me the future possibilities with EDM production. I started seeing those barriers between electronic and acoustic music being torn down and it influenced me beyond belief. Currently, artists like Man Cub and Nurko are completely blowing me away and I’m inspired every time they release new music.

What was the last show that you performed at before COVID-19 occurred?

Aside from the “live-streaming” festivals I’ve played this summer, I’m still eagerly awaiting COVID to blow over so I can finally perform my first live show as Elysian. 

Has anyone confused you with the trance trio Elysian before when trying to look up your music?

I’m actually a huge fan of each individual from that trio, so It was bittersweet to see them form with the same artist name. As of right now there has fortunately been no confusion, but it is something I’m taking deep consideration of while looking forward to the future of my brand.

Which festivals do you want to perform at in the future?

It’s been a dream of mine to one day have the opportunity to perform at festivals like EDC or Electric Forest. However, my current goals are set to play locally at Global Dance Festival or Decadence here in Colorado.

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