Rising Artist Emy Perez Talks About Newest Single “Maria”

Up-and-coming Venezuelan artist Emy Perez released her newest track, "Maria", on September 24, 2021.

Emy Perez is a rising artist from Venezuela who is looking to shake things up in electronic music. On September 24, 2021, the upcoming superstar released a new track called “Maria” alongside Dutch producer Hidde Huijsman. The producer is also known as DFRNS. This is Emy Perez’s second collaboration with DFRNS since their explosive partnership on global masterpiece, “Zoom Zoom“.

Emy Perez’s “Maria” is a track that perfectly blends a thumping bassline with her amazing vocals. Furthermore, it is a great combination of Latin sounds with Flamenco elements in a modern, electronic twist. “Maria” is also a colorful track that celebrates Perez’s Venezuelan cultural heritage, which she loves to share with every music fan worldwide. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Emy Perez, whose newest single “Maria” is now available to stream and download across streaming platforms.

Kenny Ngo: Hello Emy, how are you? Summer just recently ended. How was summer for you?

Emy Perez: I’m doing great and I hope you are too! It sure is! I spent my summer in the Greek island of Crete, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.

For worldwide music fans who do not know much about you, what is your musical background?

I’m an all-you-can-eat buffet. I’ve been singing since birth. By the time I turned 7, I had won two national singing awards and started my professional career in the music industry, signed to my first record deal at 17 after opening for big Latin American artists. I’ve been a musician ever since and it’s taken me all over the globe.

You have just released a track with Dutch producer DFRNS (Hidde Huijsman) called, “Maria”. How was it like merging Latin sounds with Flamenco elements alongside modern electronic rhythms, especially with thumping bass lines?

“Maria” is the rebellious side of every woman out there come to life and is the first song we’ve achieved to recreate exactly what I had in my head. Hidde and I are a great team, we’ve managed to marry my Latin background and his EDM sauce through flamenco. Check out the track now!

What makes this track special in your opinion and why should music fans should definitely listen to it?

Maria is my favourite, it’s got amazingly savage lyrics, catchy flows, melodies to die for and a production that makes your soul sway. 

What are the electronic music influences that inspired you to make a track like “Maria”?

I’m a raver at heart, no particular electronic track inspired me, but I know for certain my years of being a rave-head never fail to push me to the next level.

COVID-19 is still going on for a year and a half. Have you gotten a chance to perform at a show or at music festival domestically and/or internationally?

Not ONE!! I can’t wait to start performing again! Hopefully after “Maria”, I’ll have a chance to.

Before COVID happened, what was the most exciting event that you performed at?

Gay Pride at The DAM in Amsterdam main stage for close to 65,000 people!

What are your next plans in regards to music releases?

We’re aiming to release an album soon so follow me to keep yourselves updated!

Are you planning to perform at shows or festivals soon this year or next year?

As soon as “Maria” is out, we’ll plan a mini tour!

Who are the electronic music acts in South America, particularly in Venezuela, do you recommend everyone to check out?

Los Amigos Invisibles are an awesome old band favorite with electronic influences. Y’all should definitely check out!

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