Israel has bred an individual made for success. Reem, better known as GATTÜSO, has taken his skills in business and forged it with his passion for music. Out of this fusion came the musical stylings of GATTÜSO. Trance, house, and pop come together in the mind of this prestige and humble individual.

OneEDM was lucky enough to sit and talk with the emerging artist as he discusses his desires, hopes, and love for all things music and life.

OneEDM: Your new single “Who We Are” featuring Myah is perfectly constructed for dance radio. Can you please tell us a little about the creation process and how Myah got involved?

GATTÜSO: I wrote the song in about four or five months. It is about the question, “Who we are? Who are we without feelings? Who are we without love?” These are the questions that I ask myself, and it came to me as a song. So, I wrote the song and left it alone for a couple of weeks and worked on other things. When we sat in the studio and started to mix the music, I thought I had something interesting. So the music was changed a few times because I wanted a pop song. I wanted something that could speak to everybody, something that you can hear in the club, the car, or the office.

Something summer-esque and not too noisy. You do not need to love trance or EDM to love this song. It is open to everyone. After the music was completed, I searched for a young girl who was attractive but with character. Then a few people told me about Myah. I began to search for her on social media and came across her channels on YouTube and Spotify and noticed she was very different on each platform, which I liked that. She also lives in Jersey, which made it very easy to talk with her and her manager. I wanted her and she wanted to be there. We worked very fast and this is the end result.

Your exposure and love for music had its beginnings in your family’s nightclubs back in Israel. What can the elements of Israel nightclubs bring to the West? Is there anything that we are missing that you think GATTUSO can bring to the United States?

I do not know if America is missing something, but I started my love for trance in 2000. It was the first time that I heard Tiesto when he was a resident of Israel. I started to listen to him and was crazy about his music. Then Armin Van Buuren and Dash Berlin began to perform in Israel, but this was before Ultra and Facebook. This is when I began my journey, but I also started my career in business. But, I do not think the United States is missing anything.

How has your career in business prepared you for this new career in music?

Because I have thick skin from failing and achieving in business. I am not doing this to be rich, I do not do it for money. I do it for my passion for music. The music that I have inside of me I want to share it with the world. Even if something very big would happen, I will always stay the same guy. From my experience in business, I know how to get what I want and how to keep it.

Who or what are some of your inspirations? What gets you out of bed to do what you do?

All the music that I have written, all the songs I have released and will release are about me. If you pay attention to the lyrics, you can learn exactly who I am. I write about myself, my past, my desires, and my dreams. Getting to show the world who I am through my passion is my biggest inspiration. It brings me excitement to know I can be me and express myself in this way.

What is essential in developing a good career for a DJ? Is a strong support group around you important? If so, whom are they?

Yes, it is very important. My producers who produce with me are my team whom I trust in. In my personal life, it is my wife and my daughter. Nobody supports me like them.

How important is it to you to support other artists?

Definitely, it is important. People have helped me and opened doors for me. So of course, I will be that same support for others.

How was your experience shooting the music video for “Who We Are” in Los Angeles?

It was great! It was almost spontaneous and not planned very far in advance. But despite that, I felt very natural in front of the camera.

Do you have any dream stages or cities you would love to perform at?

Ultra Music Festival. But the big dream is to make music and to just play for the people. Just as I buy tickets for the DJs that I love, I want people to do the same for me.

Do you have any dream collaborations?

My dream is to work with Tiesto!

What would be some advice you would give to young aspiring DJs looking to get their sound out there and grow their career?

I do not think I am in the place to give advice since I am just starting out. But, you must be aggressive, market yourself, and put your all in everything you do. Either do it or do not.

What is next for GATTÜSO?

So many things coming. Every six or seven weeks, we will be releasing new music and new singles. A lot of interesting things to look out for from GATTÜSO from new music to new collaborations. The goal is to make people happy.

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