Exclusive Interview with Kristina Sky at EDC Orlando

Exclusive Interview with Kristina Sky at EDC Orlando

An up and coming artist known for her love of pizza and champagne, Kristina Sky, was excited to share her sound and energy with the massive crowds Friday evening at EDC Orlando.

Kristina Sky
Kristina Sky

Sky tells OneEdm “I absolutely loved the stage and the production behind it. Being able to see your crowd grow from a very few people to a mass is absolutely awesome”.

Sky started producing and DJ-ing music after attending her first rave with friends. “I was dragged to my first rave by a good friend of mine and did not think I was going to have any fun but ended up having tons of fun. Producing my own music did not come until about six years or so after DJ-ing”.

A Future For Sky

When asking about her future with her music and productions, Sky seemed very excited about what is to come. Production-wise I have been sitting on these bootlegs I have done, and will probably not officially release them, but will probably do a SoundCloud release within these next couples of months so fans can have some new tracks to listen too.”

What we also are looking forward to a new application Sky is looking at putting out within the next few months that may be able to help fans get a deeper experience with their artists. Sky explains “I am starting a partnership with a company called Amplified, and it’s basically a platform connecting fans with artists where the fans can pay for packages, and you can connect them with a much deeper level such as experiences, private parties, guest lists or part of a project that is coming up as well. There are more details to work out, and we hope to have that out in the next couple of months.”

This breaking out artist not only has high expectations for herself and music but in the way, her fans may be able to keep in touch and be with her. She has high hopes that her music will be able to¬†affect as many people as possible emotionally and give people an outlet and escape. Sky states Life can be hard. We just sometimes need an outlet, and that is what I am doing along with many other artists“. We look forward to hearing and seeing more from this artist within the next few years.

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