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Luccio, a Miami native who’s been in the scene for over 15 years . Not only does he make music, but he also is the founder of Apex presents, a well-known company in the Florida music scene. The continued forward pattern of growth is what is so impressive. One of the biggest parties during MMW was FSOE;  Future Sound of Egypt and we had the pleasure of sitting down with the man who put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this masterpiece.


One EDM: Is this the first time you’ve throw an event like this before?

Luccio: It all depends, as far as trance this is our biggest trance gathering in Miami. As far as biggest, we’ve done bigger in different genres. We just recently did the Excision Paradox tour in Boca. We did about 5000 people, first time doing it at Sunset Cove. It was a total success thank god, Great weather like right now. As far as trance and progressive this is by far our biggest. So far its been very successful, despite the fact it’s the same day as Ultra, we attracted quite a big buzz, ticket sales are reflecting well. Let’s see what happens as the night goes on.

What does it take to get an event on this scale together?

Besides a lot of years in the business, its also a lot of passion. You must have passion about the music, especially in Miami. It’s a very tough city, its not like the west coast. West coast right now everything is hot. I think besides the passion and dedication and hard work, it requires a lot of paying attention to what’s going on in the scene right now. As we all know, trance is not the biggest genre of music down in Miami. We rule by techno and a little bit more on the “EDM” side.

How did you get started in the music scene?

Started about 15-16 years ago. I started doing house parties back in the day, in high school. The first time was my birthday. I threw a big party, I told my parents “I want to throw a party at the house”. Somehow, it started as 20 people and as the night progressed it ended up 250 people. I couldn’t believe it, the crazy thing is I dj’d all night, on my birthday. That’s how I started, after that I continued with doing warehouse parties, clubs then little by little my knowledge grew in the festival world and big events like this.

Its such a big scene here, in Florida as well but definitely in Miami, I’m sure there’s a lot of competition.

There’s always competition wherever you go, competition is always healthy. The companies you are in competition with, you always want to wish them well. At the end of the day, their success is going to bring success to wherever you live. Its always good to have good people who bring in good concepts, it’s only going to help develop the scene.

You said earlier you’ve been doing this for 15 years, what would you say has changed in the scene and what would you like to bring back from those days?

As you grow in the industry, you learn to love certain types of music. In the beginning, from day one I always knew I was going to be a trance addict, dedicated to my roots. I believe in them, I still believe we can turn Miami into what it was again. I personally think what I miss the most is the trance, I miss the days Ferry Corsten was headlining Space, Armin van Burren playing at Space. All these things you miss but as you grow in the industry, at one point I hated dub-step but I learned to enjoy it. You have to be open minded, you cannot be a prisoner of your own sound. You have to explore, especially MMW is one of the key things, to go out there and expand your boundaries.

Ultimately you are in Miami, but other then that have you played in other parts of Florida or even out of state?

Yeah, I played all over Florida. I’ve done shows on one of the album tours with Aly and Fila in Orlando. I also did Paul Van Dyk; Tallahassee, Orlando and Tampa. I’ve done part of Markus Schultz tour. Outside of Florida, I’ve done South America, Colombia, Central America. I did a couple big shows in other parts of the states with Life in Color.

What would you say is your favorite part of making music?

I have recently not been in the studio for a long time. I have been held with a lot of responsibilities within the company so I stepped back from making music. But, I would love to jump back into it. Its always amazing, when you can actually speak about what’s on your mind. I would love to spend more time in the studio. That’s one of my goals in 2018.

What are your pre-show rituals?

I’ve always been a little more old school. A lot of these DJ’s now plan their sets. I like to feel what the vibe is, at the end of the day life is not planned, so as your set. Something might go wrong, not as planned, so you have to explore your boundaries; maybe more techno or uplifting. It all depends on how the vibe is, I like to have a gallery of hundreds of songs. I like not to listen to any music before, just so I have my head clear.

When you are not making trance, what are your favorite genres of music to listen to?

My favorite genre to listen to, outside of electronic music; I like rock. Spanish rock, old school rock, back in the day with the punk era like Blink 182. Remembering that type of music, it’s refreshing. Aside from that I also like Spanish music, hip hop but mostly electronic music.

Especially down here, in Miami that is the biggest genre of music.

Hip hop is really big right now, and obviously electronic music does rule over the past few years. As we all see we have monsters like Space and Heart Nightclub.

Apex, doing a lot of big things, what are your future plans for growth?

Apex, It’s been a roller-coaster, everything positive. Trying to please everybody is always going to be very difficult. With our company, it is a main brand in this part of Florida. Our plan is to keep throwing shows, the strong side of the company will always be on the bass/EDM side. We cater a lot more to the college crowds and festival vibes. That’s how we develop our brand. For future plans, we have big things coming, in two weeks we have Paul van Dyk at Heart Nightclub. As far as bass, we have Blunts and Blondes. As far as that we have a couple of things during the summer, hopefully some surprises. Maybe we will be hosting our own stage at a couple festivals in the near future. Those are the plans.


Check out Apex Presents next big show on April 13th, which is also Heart Nightclub’s closing party with Paul van Dyk.  Luccio will be playing as direct support for event. Grab your tickets here

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