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Paul Damixie is a talented DJ, producer, and remixer with a sound made for the airwaves. Hailing from Romania, Paul Damixie has become a hometown hero. Now, he is making exciting moves and branching out towards the west. Damixie was kind enough to talk with OneEDM about his passion, thoughts on his success, and hopes for the future.

OneEDM: What would you say is the reason you have grasped the attention of people across the globe? Do you feel a connection to all people?

Paul Damixie: Of course I feel a connection! We all feel a connection to music and I think that my passion for music was the main reason I’ve grasped the attention across the globe.

If you had to choose, which would it be, on the stage or in the studio?

I love both of them equally. Usually, when I`m working on some new tracks, I can`t wait for the weekend to go onstage and try them out on a live crowd and see if I have to change something.

Describe in your best words the mental and emotional space you need to be in when you’re onstage performing in front of thousands of people?

At the beginning of the gig, when I`m onstage, I`m really focused on the crowd. I try to read them and see what I must play next to give them a good time for the rest of the night. When I find the right vibe and sound for those people, I start to feel more relaxed and everything just flows nicely.

“Get Lost” is the top song to pop up when people search your name on Google. Can you tell us about the writing and the collaborative process you had with the vocalists?

Well, she is a friend and a fellow artist from the label I’m signed to, HaHaHa Production, so the collaboration happened naturally. We hang-out together all the time in the studio. She is an amazing person with an amazing voice, and she can sing from jazz to rock and still sound awesome. “Get Lost” happened in just two hours with a lot of good vibes and some friends just having fun in the studio, nothing fancy.

What would you say to someone who has an enormous passion for music but also the hugest fear in pursuing their dreams?

I would say that fear is good because it shows that you care about what you are working on. A music career must start with music as a passion. If you work a lot and well, it can become a profession. I had some hard moments when I started making music and my friends told me, “This is rubbish, try again.” But I kept working until they started to really like my music and now it turned out pretty well.

Photo Credit: Victor Detto.

You have a podcast on Mixcloud called Vibrationz. What has the podcast been like so far, and what surprises you the most about hosting your own podcast?

What I like the most about having a weekly podcast is that I can play new, unreleased tracks to people and get instant feedback. I love it when they send me messages asking about new tracks. I feel like I`m part of a community and I can bring the music that I love for the ones who are listening on the radio or on Mixcloud.

Do you believe keeping a good close circle of people around you is important in maintaining all you strive for and all you have become?

Yes, I think it`s really important to have some good friends and family around you to tell you when you’re doing something well or wrong. Success can be really dangerous without these people around you.

What would you like to say to the people and the fellow DJs who supported your music, especially your remix of Adele’s “Hello,” winning you the “Best Remix” a few years ago at the “Remix Top30 Countdown” awards with iHeartRadio in Miami during Miami Music Week?

First of all, I have to give thanks to the “Remix Top30” guys and especially Hollywood Hamilton for giving me this award. The whole “Hello” remix thing was crazy! I didn`t expect this but it was amazing to see people from all over the world sending me messages, tweets, and everything. Even if the owners of the original track kept trying to take it down from YouTube, SoundCloud and all the rest, it was still on the radio and it kept growing thanks to the DJs.

What is it like making your way over to the United States? What are you saying to yourself these days?

I`m really excited to see what happens now that “Get Lost” is out in the U.S. with a big label like Ultra Music. Universal Music has the song for the world. Things in the U.S. are pretty different and big compared to Europe, but I`m really looking forward to becoming more visible on the United States radar with some new tracks.

What’s next for Paul Damixie?

My new single, “Rum & Coke,” just released in Europe on Universal and Hahaha Production. I have several new singles coming out after that, but first, we will release “Rum & Coke” in the U.S. and give that single time to gain traction in the U.S.

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