Exclusive Interview With Iconic Portuguese Duo Bubba Brothers

Bubba Brothers are a powerful DJ and producer duo hailing from Portugal. Their powerful sound and contagious vibes have seen them getting the attention of millions of listeners on major streaming platforms all over the world; as they continue to reach the top of the charts, like they did on platforms like Beatport, the duo prepares to conquer every dancefloor in the world with hard-hitting releases and even mightier and energetic live performances. 

Coming from playing at iconic venues like Ministry of Sound in London and Es Paradis in Ibiza, Bubba Brothers are ready to continue their musical journey, filled with hot bangers and impressive live performances, as this is just the beginning. 

We sat down with them to ask more about their career, influences, achievements and what’s coming next. 

Hello Bubba Brothers! How are you? 

Hi we are doing fine, thanks for this opportunity. 

Can you tell us more about yourselves? your names, where are you from and what do you do? 

We are Eliseu Correia and Justino Santos, we are both from Faro in the Algarve (Portugal) and both of us work also in the travel industry, Justino at a Car Hire Company and I own an upcoming Travel Agency Group. 

How did you get introduced to music, and how did you realize this was what you wanted to do? 

We were inspired by music since we were born I believe 😊, and it has been part of all our lives. We started as a weekend DJ act at local venues for beer and fun, and after a while we realized that we had an audience and could do more and better. So that’s when the real project started… so taking it professionally serious since 2019 only when we launched our first original track… although we exist as Bubba Brothers since 2014. 

Who are your biggest musical inspirations? 

Carl Cox, Kolsch, Tinlicker,Themba, Tube and Berger, and a few others 😊 

What’s your top 5 favorite songs? 

That’s a though one… let’s try… ‘Cassiopeia’ by Kolsch, ‘Acamar’ by Frankey and Sandrino, ‘Cabala King’ by Tube and Berger, ‘In white rooms’ by Bookashade , ‘Themba’ by Themba…I think that this is about it…we tried hard!

Which track from your releases would you recommend to start with that best describes your style? 

‘Make House not War’…groovy, Tribal House with a great drop…so that’s Bubba’s sound…at least we try to keep it that way… ,so people start to recognize us and say ‘Oh yes…this is a Bubba track!’  

What are some of your greatest achievements so far? 

We had 7 tracks in the Beatport Top 25 in 1 year so that is cool… ‘Karma’ was actually Nº 1, also we had “Amandla” on Clubbing TV. We were headlining in Es Paradis Ibiza… so yeah, we’ve had our moments…it’s all growing pretty fast!  

Where would you love to play at? 

Tomorrowland and all the big festivals, and at great clubs, not necessarily big clubs, but ones with good atmosphere and style…well you know…the dream of all DJs in the world. 

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourselves? 

Yeah! Everyone thinks we are actual brothers… BUT we are not…just best mates since day one! 

What’s in store for Bubba Brothers in the coming months? 

Ibiza gigs for sure! some cool new tracks and some surprises…so stay tuned! 

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