Exclusive Interview: STMPD RCRDS Artists Love Their Label

Sunday, 8 September 2019; After their consecutive sets at Lollapalooza, Berlin, I sat down with TV Noise, Loopers, and EAUXMAR of Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS label to discuss their roles and experiences as a collective. We discussed the environment that the label exhibits for them to work and grow as artists. Each provided their own account of how they came to be a part of the STMPD ‘family’ and how that has impacted their development as creatives.

Overall, the responses were endearing toward the label. Throughout the interview, it was described as “open-minded” and is comprised of an “amazing team.” Being part of a stage takeover at a festival like Lollapalooza raised the idea of “family” and how these artists have built a community through STMPD. The interview went as follows:

Loopers (right), TV Noise (center-right), EAUXMAR (center-left)

Mike: How long have you been with STMPD? Why did you sign with them and how has your experience been overall?

TV Noise: We signed one and a half years ago. We were one of the first artists to try it. Try everything out and see how the team was and how everything worked with the contract. And it’s been amazing. We are very happy, it is good teamwork and it’s an amazing team.

EAUXMAR: I signed to STMPD about a year ago and I like it. When I initially started at STMPD, I really liked it because they were really open to my sound which I didn’t expect. First I thought it was just really hard EDM stuff but they were looking for a different approach to electronic music, and they really thought I was the one so it’s amazing. Still to this day they are super open-minded when it comes to producing my songs; they just let me do whatever I feel like doing, which is really important for me. I started from scratch when I joined STMPD, so I’ve been there for my whole career, you could say. They just have such a good engagement with fans, and I got support from there

Loopers: I’ve known Martin for more than like two years, but I signed a contract last year. Like the other guys are saying I think STMPD is a great label as an artist for us being able to express ourself in the purest form. They don’t set boundaries in what you need to do as an artist to your style of music for financial purposes, or whatever. They just let you be you, and I think that’s amazing, and that’s very rare nowadays in the scene.

What do you think STMPD RCRDS stands for — what do you represent as a label?

Loopers: I think they give all us artists, like EAUXMAR and TV Noise, they give us a platform to really be who we want to be, and I think we all don’t have restrictions in our sound or expression. I feel freer that I ever felt, being able to make literally whatever I want. That’s what STMPD stands for, that’s the strongest factor I think.

For the stage takeover today and at the other festivals, do you feel like a tight-knit squad coming into take-over or what’s that like?

TV Noise: That’s amazing. We’ve been doing like the full summer with STMPD stages. We did Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, Sziget, Creamfields, like all of the amazing and insane shows. What we notice when we play STMPD stages is that the energy is just always top-notch and perfect. People are so into it, they really feel it. They are there from the beginning and they all want to speak to you after. And we do, we go to the front to speak to them and they are always so passionate about the label. So if there is a STMPD stage where we are going to play, we know it’s going to be fun.

EAUXMAR: For me, it’s such a crazy experience as well because I normally don’t play a lot and I feel like STMPD has with their stages an amazing platform to showcase your music for different audiences. I think the STMPD fanbase is such a good one because they go to every show. It feels like a family party instead of a festival show, so yeah it really feels like home every time.

Loopers: For a funny fact, me and TV Noise were just reminiscing about the old days, because before STMPD we also knew each other years ago. From the beginning when we started making music, we were talking about the fact that it’s so nice to see each other at the same festival, both expressing ourselves in a different way but still coming together on one platform.

STMPD Spotify Playlist

What’s one really cool experience you all have had together as a label?

(All in agreement) Being able to play together at festivals like Lollapalooza.

Do you have any advice for artists just starting out in their career and maybe looking for a label?

Loopers: Just be yourself, and try to express yourself and be different. It’s hard but if you follow the organic process eventually you’ll reach your own sound. It takes time, it’s nothing you can force. I always tell people who want to start producing that you cannot force it. Even if you want it tomorrow, it can’t be like that. You just need to make the hours happen. And we’ve all made so many hours here.

EAUXMAR: For new producers and DJs I think it’s really important to not compare yourself too much to other artists. I feel like what I did in the beginning was try to compare myself to other artists, that were already blowing up super fast and if you do that you don’t have any motivation to make music. And you have to understand that every artist has their own journey, and their journey can take more time than others, or less. It can change fast so don’t feel discouraged to have a long process. Just be you and do whatever you like, because in the end that’s the most important thing.

What is everybody working on, what is coming up with STMPD RCRDS?

TV Noise: It’s insane what’s going on. We have a song coming up with Dillon Francis in two weeks. We just released a song,”Freaky All Night” that we did together with Dillon as well, he produced it with us. And we have a new club song coming out on STMPD. With Dillon we came together and made nine songs in a week. The energy with him was amazing, this guy hit us up and we flew to LA with no idea at all. We didn’t have a clue what to do; we just met up and he said he like our stuff so much he just wanted to make music. Five days we were at his plays and we wrote nine songs, and we work on it and talk every day about it. He’s the sweetest dude ever.

EAUXMAR: I’m trying to reinvent my sound again to get more energetic music, but still my style. It’s going to be more playable for festivals and big shows, and I’m really trying to make it suitable for live sets. Not DJ sets but actual live sets with instruments and synthesizers and drumpads and such. I’m really working hard on that right now, and I have a collaboration coming out with OddKidOut. He’s a really sick producer and drum machine guy from the US, and that’s going to be fun. It’s going to be a bit different sound, like more experimental but I think you guys will dig it, so stay tuned.

Loopers: I have two original tracks coming out on STMPD RCRDS, I’m also working on a bigger collaboration. We’ll see what the future brings.

TV Noise

portrait tv noise
TV Noise

The Dutch duo has been killing the game recently, and their set at Lollapalooza Berlin was a prime example. The energy was unbelievable and the music was high-capacity. Many know their recent hit “EDM O’ CLOCK” that featured a collaboration with Dillon Francis, with whom they will be releasing more tracks in the near future. They just released a new single “Freaky All Night” which will undoubtedly get listeners on their feet.


Loopers @ Lollapalooza Berlin

After huge collaborations with Martin Garrix on the track “Game Over” and Steve Aoki on “Pika Pika,” Loopers has solid momentum in his career. He is constantly developing his sound, and currently moving towards a deeper tech-house ambiance. He played an awesome set this year at Lollapalooza Berlin and captivated the crowd. Keep an ear out for the Dutch producer as there is surely some greatness in the works.



He was the youngest artist to ever sign with STMPD RCRDS at 18 years old, which sprang his career into action. The Dutch producer is still new to the big stage arena, and is developing his sound now with support from the label. EAUXMAR [pronounced (oh-mahr)] producing experimental tunes, and is currently working on heavier incorporation of various instrumentals.

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