Amazing Vocalist, Producer, and DJ: Leah Culver

Extremely Talented Vocalist, Producer, and DJ.

Leah Culver is a sensational vocalist, producer, and DJ. She’s taking the EDM world by a storm. In addition to racking up an impressive social media following, she has also played at events such as Tomorrowland and Imagine Festival. She has gained support from Adventure Club, Porter Robinson, The Chainsmokers, Seven Lions, and more. Leah Culver was born in Atlanta, GA, and grew up in a household of music. Her beautiful voice is sure to touch many souls, and her goals as an artist are just as touching.

Cullen Bunker: COVID-19 has really been changing up everyone’s lives. How have you been staying positive and productive during this unprecedented time?

Leah Culver: The way I’ve been staying the most positive through COVID is creating a to-do list every day and trying to stay productive while also giving myself space and the okay to have some days that aren’t extremely productive. I like to make the to-do list very doable, and so I not only put big tasks but very little tasks on there so that I can check off as many things per day and feel as good about productivity as I can.

Was there anything you were looking forward to the most in 2020 that COVID-19 postponed or canceled for you?

Yes, things were postponed for 2020. Our label partnered with Live Nation and they were getting ready to put me on tour. We were about to release my next single but we are now looking at releasing my next EP pretty soon. Though COVID did postpone things, I trust that there’s a reason and I can see how we’ve all gotten stronger together through having experienced this all together. So, I’m at least grateful for the closeness that this has brought in people.

leah culver performing

What’s your first memory of music? Did this memory influence your career in music?

My earliest memories of music are my dad bringing home instruments from different countries. He used to work outside the country in a lot of places. My brother was in a band and I always listened to his band as a little kid. And my other brother was a DJ, so I remember hearing drum and bass in the room next to me and drums in the room above me. My mom played bagpipes. My dad would bring back all those instruments. So, I was raised in a musical family and I’m really grateful for that. It completely, definitely 100% created the person I am today in my career.

leah culver

Have you had a moment in your music career that you thought to yourself, “I made it”? If so, can you describe that moment?

Uhm, no. I don’t think you ever get to that place if you’re hungry. And I think if you get to that place where you say “I’ve made it,” then you’re comfortable. And it’s the most dangerous thing to become comfortable. So even in moments where I thought “wow this is a landmark,” or milestone I should say, I don’t get too comfortable and I don’t celebrate for too long. [Laughs] But one of the most exciting things so far, I guess, would be I got on the cover of Jezebel Magazine recently and I’ve done some pretty cool features. But any time a fan says they love my music, that means everything to me… more than anything.

You’ve performed at some big events, do you have a favorite event so far?

I think my favorite show to date was the most recent Imagine Festival, 2019. And I’d say it was my favorite because I was the most nervous because we added choreography. And I say we because every time I do a festival set it’s a really big production. Usually with like 40 plus people, including live musicians, performers, dancers, other singers, and all that. So, I’d say last year because of how nervous I was. But, it was exciting because I kind of fell into what I always do, what is just like my comfortable place, which is performing. That was exciting to see because I wasn’t sure what would happen.

If you could book yourself as the headliner at any event, which one would it be?

I would book myself at Coachella. After Coachella, I would say a really big fundraising event would be really cool. And an arena headlining tour.

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Where is the first place you want to go out to eat when the stay at home order is over?

The first place I want to eat when this is over when it’s safe for everyone, would be…you know to be honest we all, at least I’ll speak for me, I’ve adapted. Somehow I’m not craving and missing the foods so much. And it might just be because I have a healthy understanding of the circumstance and I don’t like twitch myself with the thought. I’ve actually been pretty good and comfortable with cooking at home. If I had to say one, I’d say Sugarfish sushi. It’s one of my favorite sushi restaurants, and I don’t know how to make sushi.

EDM seems to have more male artists than females; have you noticed this being an artist in the industry?

Yes the EDM community is more male dominant, but at the same time, it’s really changed so much since when I first started. And there really are so many amazing female producers that I think that it’s really changing. Men are starting to take the women producers more seriously, and there are less sexist comments on female producer’s songs. And that’s been a big change since the beginning when I started.

What’s it like singing your own tracks in front of a big crowd? Is it a different feeling than when you’re spinning?

I’d say the difference between singing and DJing my songs would be just the vocal part of it, like the human instrument of singing, like belting, and breath control, and using your throat, and everything. It’s so physical, and you’re always singing about real things that happened to you so it’s very cathartic. I think it’s a different high than, you know, playing, DJing, maybe your own music or other people’s music. There’s a different kind of energy to it, it’s like you’re doing open-heart surgery. You’re kind of bearing it all in front of people which is vulnerable.

How would you describe getting on stage and seeing tons of people there for you?

I think that getting on stage and seeing people is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced in my life, and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. The people that show up at shows, or that can show up to shows, are what make all of this important. They’re what matters completely to me. I’m just really grateful for those people and I can’t wait to be reunited with the crowds.

If you could give your fans one message during this time, what would it be?

If I could give one message, it would be to not be too critical on yourself during this time. Though there is a lot of free time, maybe, if you’re lucky to have the free time and you’re not essential. First, if you’re essential, just thank you. And if you have a lot of free time, don’t be too hard on yourself to stay productive because we’re all collectively kind of going through a trauma. And I’d say, check on your friends. Be supportive and be there for each other. This is a very testing time but trust that you’ll never be put in any situation that you can’t handle. And don’t give up, this will pass. Keep that light shining, because you’ll always have your light.

Leah Culver is a positive role model, especially in a time like this. Her touching message for her fans is meant to inspire people to be kind to themselves. To stay up to date on the producer’s new music, and catch her new EP as soon as it’s released. Follow Leah Culver on her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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