Exclusive Interview with Bass House DJ/Producer NOMAD

Nomad has just recently released a fantastic track called "Let Go" ft. Shlizk.

Nomad is the underground inspired bass house producer who eats, sleeps, and breathes music. It has been a path of hard work and dedication for Nomad. A path with a musical biography that began with guitar lessons to a full blown heavy bass dance music producer. Stepping out of his bubble and pushing the boundaries to what “works” in music production is Nomad’s motto. Believing in the power of originality and no rules music production, Nomad’s sound is created in the depths of his mind and heard through our speakers. In this interview Nomad discusses the inspiration for his new track “Let Go” ft Shlizk, where his love for dance music began, and where he plans on taking us.

OneEDM: You began your musical journey playing guitar, and now you’re here dropping bass/house beats. How did you get from that point to this one and was the road filled with many challenges?

NOMAD: Guitar was my introduction into music! Luckily I had an amazing teacher who made it a lot of fun to learn. The guitar only had my attention until I went and saw my first electronic concert. I was so intrigued, I bought a Dj board literally the same week. Fast forward about 10 years of attending shows/studying music and here we are. Life always has its challenges, I’ve been fortunate to have a positive outlook on life: that has made the journey much more fun! 

So your musical style is to bridge the gap between genres that you love. What does the fusion of them signify for you? Could the bridging of genres be a subliminal message to people on the power of integration? Is that something you believe in?

I feel it’s our quest as artists to make something that’s original and never heard before. Genre is a cool way to index people to a certain sound but I think it’s crucial to allow artists to breath in their own light oppose to grouping everyone together! I pull inspiration from a number of different sounds! Sometimes I feel more melodic other times way more aggressive. The vibe is the vibe! 

You have a new release out now called “Let Go” ft Shlizk. Can you share with us the inspiration for that song?

“Let Go” is a record that I was so pleased with right from the very jump. I built this really deep thumping bass-line that sparked a lot of inspiration. The vibe was set right off the bat luckily. Some projects can take some time to come together, this project felt effortless! Everything started to click so easy and the mood was set immediately. Shlizk is an incredible artist. Everything she’s released has been fire, so it seemed so fitting that this would be the next release!I I’m really proud of this one!

“When you hear my music you’re hearing my mind.”


When you see your stream number climbing, what goes through your mind? Do you get a sense of, “I’m living my purpose”?

Everyone likes to see numbers go up. Validation can be a drug to some. It’s super cool to see that people are playing my music! It makes me feel like I’m relating to everyone. When you hear my music you’re hearing my mind. I love to share, whether it’s 1 million people or 1! 

What was your first rave/festival and what did that experience do to you?

Tiesto kaleidoscope tour. I was 15, wasn’t even sure if they were going to let me in the show. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me & it really laid the ground work for my dreams. Can’t explain the emotions going through my body hearing my favorite music for the first time live! 

Imagine your dream came true and your track is playing at the main stage at ULTRA. What then? What do you and your career mean once that happens?

Honestly; this is a moment I work for. Surreal moment to have your art showcased on one of the biggest stages in the world. Gives me chills just writing it. It will happen, it’s just a matter of time! Again I think it would be another form of validation & obviously flattery! 

If you could describe your passion and purpose in music to someone who had a gun to your head who needed the best reason why they should let you live, to continue what you’re doing, what would you say?

It’s my purpose. I eat sleep and breathe music. Without it I’d feel empty. Plus I’d just pull out my 9mm & clean that up real quick. 


If you were to collaborate, what would you look for in a fellow DJ/Producer in order for you to say yes? What about their production style do you think would make magic with yours?

Creativity & hard work! It’s literally that simple! I’d only collaborate with someone who had similar interest & drive. I like to work with artists who test boundaries and experiment! Not live in the past or try to recreate something that “works”! 

What do you hold most dear to your heart about the dance community or what is your favorite part about it?

Community is amazing! But it’s the energy! The energy of the music, the crowd! It’s home! 

Do you believe it is pompous or egotistical if a DJ/Producer choose themselves as their favorite DJ/Producer to listen to? Or is loving your own work best a sign of self love and confidence?

I don’t think I’ve met one producer who would choose themselves as their favorite artist. Especially when there are so many talented producers! That being said, you need to love and respect your work or no one else will. 

How important is it to you to step away from your music and rest? How do you reconnect with yourself and recoup?

Great question! One of the most important things is rest. It’s when we grow! I love to relax by playing some PlayStation or going out rollerblading around the city! Both things clear my head!

What can we expect from NOMAD for the remainder of 2021?

Huge hits, amazing shows & tons of content! It’s going to be a crazy ride so buckle up! I also have so many collaborations with the best upcoming artists! Stoked for that as well!

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