EXCLUSIVE Interview with DJ/Producer duo, SandJake

Sandro and Jacobo of Madrid, Spain have passion in their hearts, music in their blood, and beats in their bones. Together as SandJake, Sandro and Jacobo are leaving a mark and placing a stamp on the world of dance music. With the latest release of their club hit ‘All around the world” ft Rizha, Sandjake took some time to discuss with OneEDM their approach to making music, their inspirations, and their desires for the future.

OneEDM: Your latest single, “All Around The World” ft Rizha was recently released. Please tell us how the collaboration came to be and what was it like working with her?

SandJake: Thanks for the interview, we are Sandjake! A pleasure to be here with you! This theme emerged working in the studio. We were working on a remix of one of our favorite artists, during the process, we reached an adjustment with a slightly dark twist that was perfect with Rizhas voice.

From the beginning, working with Rizha was simple, during the different stages of our collaboration we got along and understood each other very well, she works really hard, it was a real pleasure for us to collaborate with her.

When collaborating with other artists, do you look for a certain something that speaks to you, in terms of a connection? 

Whenever we collaborate with other artists we focus on harmony, so that the track evolves favorably to all parts, whether working in the studio or remotely, but always highlighting Sandjake’s style.

How come you chose not to include any remixes, for this record? 

It is true that we usually do remixes of each track we release, but this time we consider that the track has enough strength to work on the dance floor. We are waiting to launch other productions and with whom could we launch the remix in the future.

As individual musicians, what does Sandro bring to the group and what does Jacobo bring to the group?

We could say that we both provide something in common, creativity and not giving up in order to reach the dream we are chasing. It is true that the way of showing it has slight differences but, being a duo, all the individual characteristics merge into Sandjake’s sound.

The music video for ‘All Around The World’ has a strong 90s electronic/punk likeness that works well with your current sound, were you also involved creatively in the process?

That is right, that is the image we desired for the video. We actively participated in the video´s creativity next to the director Fernando Ronchese, considering the strength of the theme and Rizha´s participation. Furthermore, after some video lyrics, people who follow us, in this occasion, were able to put a face to Sandjake!

How’s the music scene in Madrid right now?

Madrid has always been a musical reference in Spain. Lately the scene keeps growing with great quality, both at a clubbing and festivals level.

Who are some of your favorite artists old and new, you guys really respect & admire?

The list would be endless, we are artists, but also fans, some of our great inspirations would be Daft Punk, Chainsmokers, Carl Cox, Travis Scott. We like to listen and learn musically from different genres.

What are some dream stages you guys wish to perform on?

We would love to play in Ultra and Tomorrowland, but also in clubs like Ushuaia, Hi Ibiza, Story Miami. For now, we have a few gigs in Valencia, Zafra, and Bogota. We will continue working in order to reach the dream we are chasing.

What’s next for SandJake that your audience can expect to see this year?

This year Sandjake will bring many surprises, different tracks and genres compared to the latest releases, international collaborations, recordings with well-known artists, different countries tours, new video clips, and a lot of crazy new things!

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