Exclusive Interview with Dubstep Superstars Adventure Club

One EDM's exclusive interview with Adventure Club, Canada's most popular dubstep duo

Adventure Club is a Montreal-based, Grammy-nominated bass music duo who have been rocking the EDM world, particularly dubstep, since 2011. Composed of Christian Sigley and Leighton James, the Canadian producers have made the melodic dubstep genre into what it is today. The classics that Adventure Club produced and released in the early-2010s such as their 2010 remix of Flight Facilities’ “Crave You” and “Wonder” from 2013 have allowed them to remain one of the most exciting duos in electronic music. Recently, they released their latest singleRebellious‘ featuring vocalist Yuna. To emphasize, this is the third collaboration with Yuna since their 2012 remix of her hit single, ‘Lullabies’, and ‘Gold’ in 2013. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with dubstep superstars Adventure Club as they discuss what is upcoming for them.

Kenny Ngo: How has the quarantine been for you guys so far?

Adventure Club: Honestly, besides the constant battle to make sure everyone is healthy, it’s been great. We’re getting to spend an ample amount of time with our loved ones, focus on personal projects, and write tons of music.

What were your reactions back in March when you guys found out that a shelter-in-place order was implemented?

It’s tough to remember. Instinctually, we were like “Ah! This probably won’t last long, we will probably be at a show next week”. However, the more rational part of your brain knows that none of this will end overnight and you start reconciling and planning next steps.

What was the last show you guys performed before the quarantine?

It was Wobbleland 2020 in San Francisco.

What was the last festival you guys performed?

It was also Wobbleland.

On to the music, your latest song is “Rebellious” featuring Yuna. How was it like working with her again for the third time compared to the previous two collaborations?

We have always had such a great relationship with Yuna. Everything just fits together and flows so smoothly.

The Adventure Club duo is planning to release another album this year. What should fans expect from this album as they start listening to it?

I think this album encompasses everything we have grown to love in the scene. We know what we like (musically) and what we don’t and we’re not scared to release anything. Before it was kinda like, “Our fans gonna like this?”. It was kind of us finding ourselves experimenting with music. This album has a lot of 2012 roots baked into it, a lot of melodic dubstep, but we are also not timid about our love for pop.

Do you guys have any upcoming collaborations with artists any time soon?

Tons. Our latest Superheroes Anonymous 11 will preview many of them.

Did you guys have any plans before this current pandemic began?

We were about to go on a tour binge!

Did you guys still do anything or go anywhere fun during this current situation?

Yeah, we do as much as possible while maintaining safety guidelines. We don’t really get to see each other as much as before but we still have tons of fun.

What is the first thing that the Adventure Club duo wants to do once the shelter-in-place is officially lifted?

Literally fly to hug all of our friends and get back to show life as soon as possible.

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