Exclusive interview with Gus Pessoa

A young man whos craft expands as his career progresses. Gus Pessoa the Brazilian producer has taken time to chat with OneEDM on where he is at in his career, what hes learned thus far, and what hes excited to share with the world in the coming future.

OneEDM: Congratulations on the release of your new track ‘Floating Islands’. Please tell us about the writing process & how long the single was in the works?

Gus Pessoa: Thank you very much, and thanks for the opportunity! The writing process of ‘Floating Islands’ was a little bit different than my usual tracks. I had created the main synth pluck that carries the track through probably a month before starting the work. I tried making two or three different songs with that sound, but nothing was working the way I had in mind. But then I started working on what would be ‘Floating Islands’ and it all happened pretty fast from there. I finished the song draft in a few days, and by then I was looking for possible vocalists/lyricist to hop on it. Alessia Labate ended up doing a solid job straight away, and within a week or so we had everything ready to go.

Your sound is accessible, but with a cool club feel & you’ve have been honing your craft since 2012 – in those seven years, how much have you grown as a producer & artist? 

It is weird looking back and realizing it has been seven years. It is hard to quantify how much I have learned since the beginning, but one thing I know for sure is that I am still learning something new practically every session. However, I think that in the last one or two years I have learned more than the rest combined. In terms of being an artist, I still don’t really know. I’m in this constant search of trying to figure out what I should be doing, and how my work should represent myself. That’s something I still have loads to work on.

What are some big discoveries you have learned about yourself and your music, over that time? 

Sometimes the tracks you like the most people don’t, and sometimes the tracks you think will go nowhere are the ones people latch onto the most. Something I realized recently is that less is more, and I’ve been trying to apply that more and more to my music. Another one is that if you want something to happen, you have to get up and do it yourself. Don’t expect anybody in this world to do your shit for you. If you don’t believe in yourself, it’s hard to convince other people too.

Spotify has added ‘Floating Islands’ to its Future House Cloud playlist. How does it feel to see your music beginning to get noticed by a wider audience and to be included on hot playlists? 

It feels good to see some people responding well to the work I have been putting out. I try to not get too caught up on it though since immediately after a song is released my full focus goes into “what’s next?”

You worked with Cammie Robinson on ‘Burned Out’, any vocalists in your sights right now for another up/coming single?  

Yeah, I’m always on the lookout for possible vocalists. Since my last two tracks have been with female singers, maybe my next one will be a male. That’s all I will say about that.

How would you best describe the current scene in your homeland?

Electronic music in the city I am from (Brasilia) is definitely not as popular as in places like the UK or the US. However, there is for sure a growing scene. Every time I go back I end up going to these really interesting warehouse/small underground venues/open-air events with local acts and I love it. It is important to note though that lately Brazil has seen a huge upswing with bass music in general with the rise of the genre Brazilian Bass in the world and many key players in that field are doing some incredible work.

You are also a bass player, was music also something in your life as kid growing up?  

Yeah, hahaha that is a bit of a weird one. I don’t know if I would call myself a bass player. I just happen to play the bass a bit lol. Music has been in my life for as far as I remember. When I was I don’t know, something like 7?, me and my friends got together and made a make-shift band and had a little concert and charged something like a dime to the crowd (aka our parents), pretty capitalist of us, I know. Anyways, music has always been a part of my life. Either by jamming or being in bands, I was always trying to do something.

Aside from what you produce, what are some other genres that really turn you on musically? 

Hmm, that’s a hard question because I’ve been producing so many random tracks with different genres that I never actually put out. But I’ve been really into the darker/melodic side of techno. Anything Tronic Music has been putting out is pretty dope. Also, can’t forget Brazilian Funk hahaha. It’s going to take over the world man, I’m telling you.

And finally, what’s next for Gus Pessoa this year?

 Putting out new original music constantly through out the year. Also, I will be doing a lot more content and interactions on my Instagram. I’m planning right now some videos as well for Facebook and Youtube, but that is under the radar as of now. So yeah, follow me on Instagram @heyitsguh to take a closer look on my process and when the next releases come up!

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