Exclusive Interview with Hungarian-American Duo Dead Stare

Dead Stare discussed about music career, influences, and best entertainment venues to attend in Hungary

Dead Stare is a Hungarian-American electronic music duo consisted of Gergő and DJ Broken Record. Gergő is from Hungary and DJ Broken Record is from Santa Rosa, California by way of Mexico. Their style of electronic music merge Global Bass and World Music, as well as having been influenced from other genres such as Techno, Disco, Dutch House, and UK Garage. Dead Stare are currently rising in the European underground electronic scene, particularly in Gergő’s native Hungary. Here is One EDM’s exclusive with the duo as they discussed their careers, musical influences, and recommended entertainment venues.

Kenny Ngo: How did you guys get into DJ-ing?

DJ Broken Record: I guess I’m only speaking for myself here but I get the sense that all DJs start out for the same reason. When you listen to a wide variety of music, you learn that there is a perfect song for any emotion. DJ-ing is a way of telling your story, of being seen, but instead of just saying what you feel, you play the song that goes with that part of your story. If you’re a good DJ, you will create a dance floor where everyone in the room is having an evolving “conversation” in which both the DJ and dancers respond to each other. By the end of the night, everyone goes home knowing each other a little better.

Gergő: I would say the same thing – I believe some of the DJs have a similar story. I started to make mixes when I was 14 years old. I had so many long sets from Dave Clarke and Laidback Luke and their DJ skills always impressed me. Then, I was inspired to make some mixes of my favorite tunes for myself. A year later, I felt like I would love to play my own music so after one of my friends purchased Fruity Loops for me, I started to discover it and began to make music.

How did you guys, Gergő and DJ Broken Record, form your duo partnership?

Gergő: I started to upload my very first experiments and previews into SoundCloud and shared it in different Facebook groups, but mainly Global Bass groups. DJ Broken Record sent me a message with production tips and told me he was very impressed by the experimental and unique ideas I shared. We started to talk about the whole industry, our musical influences and we found out we have the same passion and a very similar musical taste so we started to send stems to each other and finish stuff. We got our first release, a 4 track EP, all of the songs were different and so experimental so we thought the name Dead Stare fits our project.  It was 6 years ago but I feel the same thing today. We are always doing something new and fresh so maybe we can surprise people.

Which genres of electronic music do you guys like the most?

Tough question, we can easily get inspired by anything. I feel like it depends on our current mood. We love Dutch House a lot, as people can hear some of our tunes was influenced by the classic Dirty Dutch era. Bubbling comes from the Netherlands too (shout out to DJ Moortje). 

Moombahton deserves a very big credit as well but then moving into another direction. Techno, Disco, UK Garage and now back to other Global Bass genres such as Baile Funk, Cumbia or Trap Bubbling. Also, there is something that changed our career in 2016: BOOMBAHCHERO. 

“Boombahchero” is a crazy mixture of Guarachero, Moombahton, Cumbia and Footwork. Shout out to Orión Garcia & Pagame and the whole Peligrosa Records team. We released a pack of 16 Boombahchero edits through them and it gave me several opportunities to showcase it in Europe. 

How does the Dead Stare duo merge Global Bass and World Music perfectly together?

It is not that hard. There are many Global Bass tunes that have the World Club Music influence. So many producers sample old Latin American music and mixing it with the modern Global Bass rhythms and it works very well in my opinion. We find it more difficult to create Techno under the same name but so many artists are experimenting and Dead Stare was always about freedom and expressing ourselves through different music. We can find places/clubs where we can play Techno and we can also find places where we can throw a Global Bass party or even both.

Which DJs have you guys enjoyed performing with the most?

This is an easy one. First Gift, of course, he is a true legend who invented something very unique, powerful and strong. People can see we are making a lot of music with him but only a few people know that I was a BIG fan of him before we started to talk. I was lucky enough to share the stage at Membrain Festival last year (side note: you can find our set online) and I can announce we gonna play there again, together!

Our freshest collaboration was released through Funky Cat, a contribution on STOIK‘s ‘Adversity Everytime’ EP. We have other scheduled releases as well: ‘Hur Mar Du’ will be released through Electric Station next month and we’re gonna record a promo mix for the festival. 

Which DJs do you guys want to perform with?

Okay, tough one again. Munchi, no doubt about that, his “Diplo & Friends” guest mix is legendary and his stuff never gets old. I would love to perform with Geck-o, the head honcho of The Funky Cat. The whole Funky Cat project seems super impressive and artsy. Their legendary events are a joy to watch and the journey through their mixes always feels good. I met STOIK through the label and I can imagine throwing a set with him soon. I want to mention Valentino Mora too, who makes wonderful atmospheric Techno music. As I said before, I’m trying to express myself and put out everything I feel and love.

I feel like supporting the locals is very important too. Although she is not a DJ, I would love to perform with this artist sometime in the future. Illés Fruzsi is an upcoming singer from Sopron, a city near Győr. It is the same city where I had my very first Dead Stare show. She has a magnificent and pretty vocal and always working on improving herself and learning as many things at possible. Despite her very young age, 16, she already impressed some of my producer friends and she is very determined to create more and better art in the future.


DJ Broken Record is from Santa Rosa via Mexico. Which part of Hungary are you from, Gergő?

I’m from Győr. It is the sixth-biggest city in Hungary but I actually live in a township called Győrszentiván. This township is one of the smaller pieces of Győr with only around 9,000 people living here. 

How is the Hungarian electronic music scene like?

I would say House Music and Techno dominate the underground scene but some people still love Melbourne Bounce. There are a few places where you can hear Riddim and there is a small but very well growing scene for Global Bass Music. It is getting more colorful – although there are still so many venues where they focus on mainstream stuff only. 

Which nightclubs and/or entertainment venues in Budapest do you recommend people to attend?

In Budapest, I can recommend Lärm. Some people says it is the darkest club there. It is not really about the trendy design as it is an underground club. Most of the time you can hear high-quality House, Techno, Disco and even Footwork songs. If you’re looking for a very and truly underground place in Budapest, I would suggest you to visit Färm.

I would love to mention Rómer Ház too, which is in my city Győr. They always have a very wide range of beautiful events and Búgócsiga Akusztik Garden deserves a mention too. It is a pretty club in Sopron, two hours away from Győr. I got the very first chance by them and the first Dead Stare show happened there.

What do you think of Hungarian football (soccer) at the moment?

Ugh, very good one once again. I am a big fan of football and some other sports but it is hard to answer this question. I hope it has a brighter future than it looks like right now.

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