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Who is Maro Music? Maro Music isn't just who he is. It's what he does.

Maro Music, (real name, Marek Walaszek) is a prolific Polish DJ, producer, and sound engineer. For more than 15 years, he has DJ’d at major nightlife venues throughout Europe and Asia. As a music producer and sound engineer, Maro Music has worked with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, reggae and electronic music, including Agalla, Dominque Young Unique, Wu-Tang Clan, Sizzle, Redman, Bang La Decks, DJ Kazzanova, and others.

Sought after by the biggest international brands – Coca-Cola, Absolut-Vodka, Jaguar and BMW among them to create music for their advertising campaigns, Maro Music has proven his skill in the recording studio time and time again. His studio and record label, Addicted To Music, maintains a heavy schedule crafting original productions and mixing and mastering work for globally-recognized artists. Maro Music is steadily making waves in the U.S and currently hosts a weekly “Addicted To Music” radio show on Dash Radio’s ElectroCity, broadcast from Los Angeles, and aired across the U.S. and around the world.

OneEDM: Can you please tell us about the creative process of your single “War” featuring Lex Lu?

When I thought of making “War”, I was working on a soundtrack for a big video game that is orientated in a violent futuristic climate. At the same time, I was working on a single for a Warner Music artist called Dziarma together with Lex Lu (“Coolaid”). I thought that Lex was a great universal artist with an open mind and I described her the inspirations I have right now. She came back to me with this idea that you hear right now. The vocals were recorded in LA and the beat, mix, and master were made by me in my studio, Addicted To Music.

What is the significance of the title track “War”?

The song is a part of a story that my album will tell, it’s not a war as you can imagine like a big military battle. It’s a war declared between two people and it’s a lust for revenge. It’s standing your ground, it’s a track about self-confidence and the right to defend yourself or taking the first shot if necessary.

Working within a wide range of genres, artists, and types of entertainment have made you a notable and exceptionally talented producer. In what ways does that professional experience mirror your personal life? Have your views and beliefs on matter in life been altered as your career progressed because of the exposure and experimentation of so many different avenues?

Everything I do molds me into the person I am. Being scattered among so many different cultures, genres and countries is an amazing thing. I’ve always loved traveling, I always wanted to see more. In this era, you can travel and not even leave your studio or home so that you can meet people and get to know their views.

As a person, I think I grow much more from interpersonal relations than from reading or watching movies. I need to touch the stuff, I need to understand the causes. That makes me more open-minded, more inspired, more worth living here. Sometimes, my songs need to reflect me, need to talk about my experience, but sometimes I just want to bang out something for fun. I need that side from time to time too.

You have produced music for film soundtracks, commercials, video games and more. How or why is it a good thing to diversify your skills and test your talents in not just only multiple genres but various forms of entertainment?

I think I’m the last person to ask that. I just want to do everything. When I see a great movie, I think, “Wow, I would love to make soundscapes like this”, or, “I could do so much more with that scene!”. When I play a great game, I tend to think about how well are the sound effects made or how the background music affects the moments I spend in a specific scenario. I just love not only the music but also the sound.

For some people, it’s good to diversify if they are so eclectic as me, but some people need to stay focused on one thing to succeed. I get bored very fast as soon as I touch something; it’s done, I need another impulse. It’s also a native thing, that as a Polish guy. I’m in my funny self-proud bible of doing everything myself. I’m trying to work on it, but sometimes I lose.

You began your career at age 14. Most 14-year-olds aren’t thinking about what they want do with the rest of their lives, let alone actually begin working on a career! If you could tell your 14-year-old self one thing to focus on, one to move on from, and one thing to look into creating, what would they be?

I will sound trivial but I would ask myself to focus more. Of course, it’s not possible for a young teenager to lock his goal focus 100%. You need to be stupid, to learn, to lose. You need to be built a certain way. I could go on and on about the mistakes I made in my life, but the question is: How did these mistakes make me the man I am today?

I was that one strange kid who knew what he wanted to do at that age and never stopped and I was just stubborn and ignorant for the system the schools try to put us in. Maybe this was my blessing, I knew very early that school is important as far as basic knowledge goes, but you have to watch out for the things they want to impart on you about the “proper way to live your life”. As the older I get, the more obvious it gets to me what they are NOT teaching at school in opposition to what they do to cast you as a perfect consumer.

Bettermaker Pro Audio provides 100% analog audio paths within your D.A.W for a convenient premium quality session. It is a successful and ideal production tool. How did you come up with this hardware product? Was there ever a time where you questioned or doubted this product and if it would event get off the ground?

This was a matter of need. Working in a studio far away from my clients made me do a lot of recalls every day. Since I didn’t want to sacrifice the quality over the recall ability of plugins, I decided to make gears that were not available. I turned my recording room into a workshop and after two years of prototyping, I came out with a product that raised a few eyebrows in the pro audio world. At first, I thought it must be a global hit, but then I hit a wall. The product turned out to be too innovative, people did not understand exactly what it did, they had doubts in quality.

Bettermaker was a self-financed company; no loans, no investors, and also very littler money to promote it or to keep manufacturing costs down. So keeping my ambitions as a music producer and an entrepreneur, I decided to not let go of any cost. I had a time when I did not have gas money that turned into me selling my car to pay the studio rent. I had problems with going to trade shows to present Bettermaker. But my consistency and belief in what I do push me past that moment and both businesses started to slowly turn back what I have invested in them. I was too stubborn to quit.

Your company, Bettermaker, is nominated in the Signal Processing Hardware category at the 2020 TEC Awards, congratulations! What do you have in store for Bettermaker if you win? You are also always present at The NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, and other industry trade shows around the U.S, and globally. What’s the piece of Bettermaker hardware (or software) that you’re currently the most excited about?

Thanks a lot. We have been nominated for the TEC Awards seven times so far. This year, we actually have two products that are nominated. One is the Bettermaker Masting Compressor and the second is a product that we designed and manufactured, the Auratone A2-30, a power amp for the legendary Auratone sound cubes. This year at The NAMM Show (in Anaheim, California), we are finally releasing our most affordable product, the Bettermaker Bus Compressor, the most extensive bus compressor on the market right now with, of course, plugin recall.  

What work goes into producing your weekly syndicated radio mix show, “Addicted To Music Radio”? What’s unique about your show that makes it stand out from the rest?

Making a weekly show among all the other responsibilities I have is a demanding task. I have a lot of fun doing the shows and I always try to show something new. Sometimes I play different genres between an hour just to change the feeling. I look through new stuff coming out of different platforms and pick the stuff that moves me. 

So maybe the unique thing is, I will play a remix of a huge superstar side by side with a guy who has 100 followers, but his music is dope. I do not check “who” am I listening to by name. If I like it, I play it, no fame filter her. That is why I am always open to hear new tracks and in my shows, I encourage producers to send me links so I might play their stuff on a future broadcast if it fits.

What’s next for MARO MUSIC?

Besides the day-to-day production and mixing work for other people, there will be a lot of personal news next year. My solo album will be released and also a big remix album. Plus, I have a new tracks coming out for a huge gaming franchise. I have so much to share in 2020!

Download “War” here.

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