Exclusive Interview With Multidisciplinary Futurist VNCCII

VNCCII is your futuristic heroine, navigating her way through a Utopian or Dystopian future.

Electronic-pop singer-songwriter/producer/rapper/DJ and Youtube sensation VNCCII is leading generation z into the future. “THE FUTURE HUMANS 3.0 VODCAST SHOW” is the platform where one must get familiar with VNICCII. It is where her unique and exciting creative expression and lead character of the “Space A. IPERA” story can be witnessed and experienced for all to see. Her views on the fusion of humanity with A.I. as the future are thought provoking and daring to say the least. In this interview VNCCII shares details on her futuristic vodcast, her hopes for humanity, and the creation and inspiration to her latest single “i-LIBERATE”. 

“I see the future as a fusion of the physical and the digital”.

VNCII describing herself as an artist

OneEDM: Your avatar seems like an interesting virtual young lady! How does your virtual self align with your actual self, in person?

VNCCII: My VNCCII avatar is the lead character in the “Space A. IPERA” story. I describe her as a super sentient A.I. “super-heroine” character. VNCII is a persona that belongs in this imaginary world, and she’s the star of the story I’m building. My ambition is to be as universal as a Marvel, Star Wars, or Dune franchise. My avatar is an extension of my physical self, not a replacement. When I perform in real life (“IRL”) shows, I’m embodying the extroverted version of myself performing in character.

OneEDM: After the global pandemic devastated the mental health of so many young people from all socioeconomic groups from all over the world, there’s a definite sense of pandemic fatigue. Young people lost nearly two years of their lives, isolated by themselves, and that’s two years they can’t get back. A lot of young people suffered a great deal in terms of their mental health, many still coping with it today. Don’t you think music is best experienced out in an open field at a big music festival-in real life, able to touch and hug friends and strangers in-the-flesh – and not on a livestream?

VNCCII: One-hundred percent! There’s no replacement for organically connecting with other human beings. Performing in the ‘metaverse’ is just another way of storytelling, with technology. I see the future as a fusion of the physical and the digital – augmented, holographic, XR performances-where people are unable to distinguish between in-real-life (IRL) and the virtual.

Photo Credit: Kristina Yenko

“My ultimate mission is to empower people to become their best selves.”

VNCII tells people to become the best they can be.

OneEDM: Your Youtube livestreams look really sick and they’re very well produced. I can tell a lot of energy went into every episode. Are you guiding your younger fans – or any fans in need of help in their actual lives – on how to navigate the post-pandemic world?

VNCCII: What I love about my show, “The Future Humans 3.0”, is that it inspires fans and uplifts the speakers that I talk to, as well. I believe there’s a new creative renaissance occurring around the Web 3.0, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology. It’s satisfying to receive comments about how my show has inspired them to embrace the metaverse and contemplate their own avatar. I feel, younger fans enjoy watching the VNCCII avatar because she’s engaging and inspiring. My ultimate mission is to empower people to become their best selves.

OneEDM: Do you consider your livestreams to be an escape from the sometimes-hard reality of today’s world, rather than an inspiration to helps fans go out into the real world and tackle whatever challenges lie ahead of them?

VNCCII: For one member of the community, it might serve as a form of fantasy escapism. To another, my avatar and content might inspire them in real life. Ultimately, my wish for all fans is that my avatar inspires them to transcend their daily lives to do good deeds and live to their full potential. I’ve witnessed some members of the community discovering their sense of self through their avatar. That translates into building their inner confidence in real life and allowing themselves to be whom they truly are. That’s why I do what I do.

Photo Credit: Kristina Yenko

“I envision a world where there’s a symbiotic relationship between humans and technology”

VNCII’s dream about the future.

OneEDM: You seem to be an enlightened person and you’ve mentioned a number of futurists and thought leaders as personal inspiration to you. Do you see any positive outcomes for humanity in the near-term? What’s your biggest hope for society as a whole, that you hope to see realized in the next five years?

VNCCII: Such a deep question. The outcome for humanity will be related to our current positive manifestations of the world. The next five years might be turbulent, with disruptive technologies and shifts in paradigms, but ultimately, I envision a world where there’s a symbiotic relationship between humans and technology. My hope for society as a whole would be that humans don’t lose themselves in the process of societal and technological change, and that we continue to value what makes humans so special: love, creativity, spirituality, and connection. I believe we’re living through the most exciting time in human history.

OneEDM: Tell us about your new single “i-LIBERATE”. What’s the meaning behind it? What emotions to you hope the release will inspire in listeners? As a planet where do we go from here?

VNCCII: “i-LIBERATE” is a transcendent, liberating dance floor song. The song encourages self-expression and freeing oneself from any societal ties that impede one from being their true, higher self. “i-LIBERATE” is also an empowering commentary on the fusion between humans and A.I. and questioning that grey area of freedom if both humans and machines merge. It’s the first song of my debut album, VNCII And The New Renaissance, out in 2022. The next single off the album is titled, “Level Up 2 Nirvana”, so stay tuned!

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