Exclusive Interview with Polish House Producer Fafaq

Fafaq talks about CYB3RPVNK, "I Want That House", and entertainment venues in his hometown

Fafaq is a Polish house producer who has returned to the scene after reworking on his musical style for four years. Fafaq has debuted on R3HAB’s label CYB3RPVNK with his g-house (ghetto-house) single “I Want That House“. He released the track in collaboration with fellow Polish artist Fake Jake and Dutch singer Saga Bloom. “I Want That House” contains a heavy, energetic bassline and a funky downbeat, especially as it is influenced by urban and underground styles. When combined with Bloom’s charming vocals, Fafaq and Fake Jake will motivate listeners to dance right away. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Fafaq, a DJ with a powerful music style that may enhance the international house music scene. “I Want That House” is available for download and stream.

Kenny Ngo: How is Poland doing right now in regards to the pandemic?

Fafaq: I must say, everything gets better right now. I hope we can see the clubs and events opening soon. I really miss it myself, and I can’t wait to play again for the audience to show them new music I was working on during the quarantine!

Specifically, how is the Polish electronic music scene doing right now?

I think the electronic dance scene is developing in a good way. There’s a big interest in the Tech music right now. House and EDM are also very strong here. There are many great collaborations, and more and more producers release their music on great labels.

How does it feel to become a member of R3HAB’s label CYB3RPVNK?

It’s awesome! I like their vision and the way they look after their artists. Fadil had a great idea, and I am glad to release my music out there.

What intrigued you about CYB3RPVNK before joining it?

I think it’s the vision and identification behind it that intrigued me the most.

You took a four-year hiatus to reinvent your musical style. Why did you decide to do that?

You know, being in Miami for the MMW 2016, I encountered myself with different music and club culture I was used to. Disclosure’s performance at Story made a massive impact on me. I started thinking about how to sneak the new inspirations into my project. Finally, I’ve decided to create something new. The new alias Matthew Hill was kind of an alter ego of the project Fafaq. I’ve been releasing music for several years as Matthew Hill that was influenced mostly by House music. However, I couldn’t forget about my main project. People have often asked me when am I going to release new music as Fafaq? Since 2020, I’ve decided to entirely focus on Fafaq project only. I wrote a lot of new music, and I hope you are going to like it!

How was it like working on “I Want That House” with Fake Jake and Saga Bloom?

We had a studio session early this year with a couple of friends. One day, Adam and I started to go through our ideas, and we’ve decided to start a collaboration we were talking about for a long time. We’ve got similar tastes and ideas, so we quickly went to create a collab together. I might say that we wrote it during a one-day session. Later we heard the idea of the vocal from Saga, and we knew that this was what we were looking for.

What is your favorite thing about the track in general?

I love the groove of the record going through the whole record. It makes you feel wanna dance, and you get into the vibe. I also love the main lead sound that Fake Jake came with. You can’t forget once you hear it!

What was the last show or festival did you perform at before the pandemic?

I had the last show in one of the Polish clubs in central Poland before the pandemic. My schedule was pretty tight till the end of summer at that time, and I didn’t expect things to turn down like this. Safety is most important, though, so I hope that we’ll get back soon.

Where do you want to go to the most once everything gets better again?

I’d like to visit a couple of places. I want to go to Ibiza again, listen to music, meet some great people. I’d like to go back to Miami for the MMW again!

What city in Poland are you from and which entertainment venues in that city do you recommend the readers to visit in the future?

I come from Ostrów Wielkopolski. It’s also where I live now, but I was previously living in Poznań and Warszawa for several years. In my hometown, you can find some nice places playing House, EDM, Tech, and Pop music. It’s where to party!

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