Exclusive interview with Singer/Songwriter Rob Love

The basis of love begins within yourself

A man of passion, wisdom, and heart, Rob Love of New York is bringing his light and love to the music industry. With the release of his third single “Blue” ft GC (Gate Citizens), Rob Love is not holding back anymore nor letting fear stop him. Growing up LGBTQ was not an easy or fun experience for Rob, and for many of the community members, it’s just the same. Battling depression and anxiety was a challenge yet his love for music and his resiliency brought him out of the pit. In this interview, Rob Love shares his affection for music, the importance of self-love, and the power of never giving up on your dreams.

Rob Love

One EDM: Your single “Blue” has a very summer dance music festival vibe to it when the horns come in. It feels as if Zedd or Martin Garrix would or could remix it. Who are some EDM artists you really love and would be a dream to collaborate with for you?

Rob Love: There are so many amazing EDM artists out there that I love honestly. Gryffin is one of my favorites. His album Gravity is brilliant! My favorite Gryffin song is “Remember” Ft. ZOHARA. I remember the first time I ever heard it I was like “OMG what is this? This is amazing!”. I consider myself a fairly emotional guy so I generally tend to gravitate towards emotional music. I discovered his work around the same time I began my own musical journey so it really inspired me to keep going. I’d think to myself “Hey maybe one day it could be me working with an artist like Gryffin”. 

Gate Citizens was such a great feature on the”Blue” track. His verse meshes so well with your R&B/Pop vocals and the urban percussion to the production. What was it like working with Gate Citizens when it came to recording and writing “Blue”?

It really has been amazing working with Gate Citizens. Gate has many great qualities as an Artist/Composer/Producer with many years of experience in the music industry. The recording process can be very intense and it’s definitely hard work yet I never once felt uncomfortable or intimidated working with him. As a producer, he really knows how to bring out the best in an artist. 

“Eventually, there comes a time when you are no longer afraid and for me, that time is now”. 

What really kept you going and not giving up on your dreams? And was there ever a time when you decided to quit?

My family and friends have been so supportive throughout this journey and I’m so thankful for that. I’ve been through a lot in my life and I think those experiences have really made me stronger and are pushing harder than ever before. There have been many times in my life when I’ve walked away from something or I’ve quit simply for fear of failure or rejection. Eventually, there comes a time when you are no longer afraid and for me, that time is now. 

How did you imagine your career to be when you were a kid? Were there any artists whose careers really inspired you?

I remember watching MTV & VH1 as a kid and thinking “omg I need to do that when I grow up”. I would always be in my room singing and putting together choreography. My ultimate dream then was to be a pop star. There are many artists that have inspired me such as Paula Abdul, Whitney Houston, and Janet Jackson. My biggest musical inspiration is Mariah Carey. 

Growing up different can be very difficult for many LGBTQ members. What got you through the tough years as a teen and coming out?

Honestly looking back those were some of the hardest days of my life. I was bullied relentlessly and developed really bad social anxiety. I was afraid to go to school. My parents were always there for support. I am so grateful for all they have done for me during those difficult times.  

What does love mean to you?

The basis of love begins within yourself. Doing your part each and every day to be a good human and make a difference. That’s all it takes. 

The LGBTQ flag is famous for its colorful rainbow representing diversity. We are living in a world where the diversity of people is actually separating them because of the beliefs and actions of a few. Do you think the LGBTQ community can be an example of accepting diversity among its members as a means to influence and inspire all of humanity?

The LGBTQ community can definitely be an example of accepting diversity and inclusion. As a community, we need to stand together and do our part. It’s important we showcase solidarity and acceptance to make a difference.

What are some of the big essentials in Rob’s life? What are your main priorities?

Family, health and fitness are all big essentials in my everyday life. My main priority right now is focusing on growing as an artist and furthering my career in music. 

Have you ever struggled with self-judgment when it comes to your music and or yourself? What’s the answer to releasing self-judgment?

I have definitely struggled with self-judgment not only with my music but also with myself. I feel it’s a direct result of all those years being treated like I was worthless. When you’re being called such hateful names and not being accepted for so long it begins to affect all aspects of your life. It’s damage I am currently still healing from. The answer to releasing self-judgment is self-love. This is not something that happens overnight. Self-love is something you have to learn. We have to learn to love who we are and understand nobody is perfect. 

Last year’s “Out My Closetfundraiser was a very important cause. What was it like being an LGTBQ individual and bringing Rob Love’s love to the community in that way? Do you see yourself being part of more important causes for the LGBTQ in the future?

It was truly an honor to be a part of the “Out My Closet” fundraiser. We are living in such difficult times right now and the people of our community needed help more than ever. It felt great coming together with such an amazing group of talented people and shining a positive light on a very dark time. Yes, I would love to be a part of more important causes for the LGBTQ in the future.

You have a caption on your social media that says, “You can make it through, no matter the struggle. Let’s use our pain to shine a light on others”. What effect will the light of Rob Love shine onto the world?

I have no regrets about my past; it has only shaped who I’ve become today. If I can use my pain, my story to make a difference in another person’s life then I’m happy. 

You struggled with depression and anxiety in the past, how did you see a change in that for yourself? How did you get to where you are within your emotions? How are you actively working on your emotional and mental health?

It’s been really tough over the years. Depression and anxiety can prevent you from living your life. There have been plenty of good moments and there have also been bad ones. One day you could be feeling great and the next you can barely get out of bed. It’s literally a battle against your own mind. I feel like I am finally in a good space mentally and emotionally. This is something that most likely will stick with me for the rest of my life and part of the healing process for me was accepting that. I had to find a way to figure out what the triggers were and almost rebuild a relationship with my mind to help understand how I could move forward without allowing it to control my life. There are so many people out there that struggle with depression and anxiety. If anybody reading this right now can relate, just make a promise to yourself that no matter how bad things get never give up on yourself. 

What have you learned from 2020 that you will be taking into 2021 with you to see career progress, personal growth, and emotional healing within your life?

I learned many valuable lessons last year. Pursuing music was probably one of the scariest decisions of my life and now looking back it really isn’t all that scary anymore. It’s like getting on a roller coaster for the first time. You’re so afraid! You don’t know what to expect! Then when the ride is over you’re like “wow that actually wasn’t so bad”. I’ve learned not to allow fear or self-doubt to prevent you from following your dreams. 

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