Exclusive Interview with Up-and-Coming Artist, Lost Boy

Interview with LA-based rising star in the electronic music industry, Lost Boy

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer Dillon Deskin, also known as Lost Boy, has released his latest track, ‘Insecure’. The track is out via Ultra Records. Enlisting the vocal expertise of fellow L.A.-based talent and Platinum-selling artist, Gnash, Lost Boy’s second single this year serves as a new addition to his body of work. The sonorous vocals of Gnash are complemented by the lyrical prowess of Lost Boy, ultimately forging a truly phenomenal sonic blend. One EDM conducts an exclusive interview with Lost Boy, an up-and-coming artist in the electronic music industry.

Kenny Ngo: What is the meaning of or background behind your artist name, “Lost Boy”?

Lost Boy: “Lost Boy” is a reference to the lost boys in Peter Pan, but more broadly I feel that being lost is part of being human. It’s an effort to say “Hey I’m flawed and I bet you are too”. The name is really an invitation to find something in the music you can relate to.

How did you start your career in the EDM scene?

I’ve been writing, producing, and singing since I was around 14-years-old. In the last decade, I entered the world of making music for other people (music publishing) and fell in love with it. Years down the road, I was still working out of my mom’s house, but I finally found some success catching my first Top 40 song with Flo Rida and 99 Percent’s song “Cake”. My brother and I wrote and produced the single, and its success had us promptly moving to Los Angeles. In the wake of that incredible gift, I felt it was time to get my music out there. With my first few releases, it was clear that we were onto something and found an incredible team in Ultra Records. It’s been a dream to say the least and I’m so excited to work with more and more incredibly talented people.

How was it like working with Gnash in producing “Insecure”?

The song “Insecure” was produced by the incredibly talented Canova. He ran through instrumentals which were all phenomenal but when I heard the instrumental that became “Insecure” I knew I had to hop into the booth and make something special. Luckily in an only two-three hour session, we completed our song. It was later sent through an incredible A&R to Gnash and his people. When we got his verse back we reworked some of the arrangement to make sure he really shined, and when we found a place for his verse to sit it felt like magic. ‘Insecure’ highlights Lost Boy’s refined trademark sound — a harmoniously unique upbeat blend of dance music and pop.

What is the background behind “Insecure”?

In the song I give a look into the most restless parts of my mind. I’m an anxious individual to say the least and I know that many many people can relate to that feeling. I really wanted to include the listener and ask a big deep question that felt genuine.

What was the thing that you liked the most about writing “Insecure”?

Writing “Insecure” was the first time I had ever worked with Canova, or any outside producer for the Lost Boy project. It was wildly freeing, he saw my vision and let me do me. I got to let go, sing big and feel big and without the environment he created I don’t think I would have a song that means as much to me as this one does.

How did you react after you signed with Ultra Music, one of the world’s top electronic record labels?

Ultra’s support for me as not only an artist but a producer and writer has been surreal. I grew up glued to the Ultra Youtube page for the best most timeless dance music. I am now honored to be a part of the roster.

Before the pandemic began, what were your plans for 2020?

Before the pandemic I had a writing trip planned to check out Ultra’s new studio in Sweden. I had been to Stockholm previously, in the dead of winter, and this time it would be spring. Although it is about the raincheck, I am happy we are all taking measures to stop the virus spread.

How active have you been during the quarantine?

During quarantine I’ve been doing my best to eat well, and exercise. Other than those staples I’m feeling pretty creative so lots of music and designing things!

What is the one thing you would love to do when the quarantine is lifted?

I’d really love to pick back up on traveling and seeing the world once were all safe. Traveling has been massively transformative for me. It has offered me a lot of perspective, and I’m looking forward to getting back out there.

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