Exclusive Interview with Welsh Dubstep Producer Oddprophet

Oddprophet, a rising star in the UK dubstep scene

Oddprophet is a up-and-coming dubstep producer from Swansea, Wales. Oddprophet is currently signed to the Never Say Die Records label, as well as its sister label imprint, Never Say Die: Black Label. Some of his works include remixes for renowned dubstep stars such as SVDDEN DEATH, Zomboy, and LAXX. Oddprophet released his most recent EP titled, Optical Illusions, on March 6, 2020. Since then, the dubstep DJ also released a new track called, “Migraine” as well. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Oddprophet, one of dubstep’s rising stars from the UK.

Kenny Ngo: How has your quarantine been lately?

Oddprophet: Very chill, almost too chill. I have spent most of my time mentoring, running and then subsequently eating junk food with my girlfriend (which is a great way to live by the way). But after spending a lot of my time in Bournemouth, I moved back home to Wales to see out the rest of this quarantine with my Mum. I am still mentoring and running but also trying to cut back on the Uber Eats.

Aside from producing music, have you done anything exciting during your quarantine?

Yes! I released my new tune on Black Label called “Migraine” which I was challenged to make only using Kiloheart’s Phaseplant. I recorded the five hour process from start to finish and it is being uploaded to YouTube in 30-minute episodes to explain how I made it all. We are now in the middle of setting up a remix competition to win Phaseplant as first prize with Defyre Society. I cannot wait to hear what people submit!

You released your latest EP, Optical Illusions, last month. What was it like working on the EP?

Optical Illusions was a ‘Frankenstein’s monster’ of an EP. My process consisted of making a lot of tunes in the same key of D# Minor and then taking intros and drops from different ideas and putting them together. It worked out great and I discovered it is a good technique to improve workflow instead of forcing yourself to write something there and then inside the project. “Riddim Love Song” was the most fun of the lot. I think I need to write more songs with chords and pads as the Soundcloud comments tell me I’m good at atmospheres!

What is the musical style of the “Optical Illusions” EP in general?

Tense. Old horror movie samples drove the theme of the EP, especially the intros and the vocal samples used in the title track and “Too Clever”. I do feel the songs will resonate more with people on the dancefloor rather than listening to them at home. It’s probably one of the heavier EPs I’ve released on Never Say Die but I like to think that “Riddim Love Song” makes up for it as it’s much less intense and easier on the ears! The style is “go hard or go home” but currently, everyone is staying home anyway.

What was the most challenging track that you produced on the EP?

Probably “Too Clever” as I was sitting on it for ages. I just could not get it to sound like what I wanted but sometimes, you just have to settle with the tune. I played it out in Budapest and it got a huge reaction. That changed my mind about the song and I started to believe it was something I could release. Just like what I said in my previous answer, the tune is definitely more for the dancefloor and festivals.

How is it like working on the Never Say Die Black Label imprint?

Working with Never Say Die is fantastic. They treat all their artists like a family and have really guided my decisions in my career. I consider everyone who works there a good friend and any bass shows in London that they attend is a great opportunity to see them all. I always thought that Never Say Die was the label to be on when I got into producing (as do a lot of up- and-coming producers in the scene) and I could not see myself anywhere else!

How was it like producing remixes for Zomboy, SVDDEN DEATH, and LAXX?

For Laxx and Svdden Death it was pretty seamless. The ideas for both just came to me naturally and my first attempt was just what I wanted. For Zomboy’s one I had to recruit help from ECRAZE to complete our trilogy of collabs we have with each other. I do not think it will stop there either, we have great synergy when making bangers! Once this is all over, I am surely gonna get a flight over and produce with him in Paris! 

You played at Brixton Electric in London and the Velodrome in Paris. How was the atmosphere in those venues like?

Unreal. London was the best gig I have ever played certainly. My best friends have always supported me, but because there is a lack of shows in London and the rest of the UK, I promised them they were all coming with me. I thought that because I was one of the first acts playing that night, the crowd would not go hard at the start but boy, was I wrong. Look at any country that does not get a lot of Dubstep shows like England, Italy and Latvia; they go so hard like it is the last show they are getting! I think that is what it is going to be like when shows resume in America.

Oddprophet’s set at Shire Music Festival 2019 at Parco Bonaldi in Crema, Italy

What was the craziest place you performed in during your career?

While London was fantastic for numerous reasons, playing Italy at Shire Festival last summer was bonkers. I had never played a festival stage before. The confetti and CO2 cannons they had prepared for my set initially startled me as nobody told me they were gonna do that for my set! The Italians went as hard as the London crowd too. Definitely a starved country when it comes to Dubstep. There are a few YouTube videos online that display what I am talking about.

What is the first thing you want to do as soon as the quarantine is lifted?

Go to a theme park. I’m a roller coaster enthusiast and I’m just spending all my money on VIP Tickets and flights to the best theme park in Europe, I need my adrenaline fix! Or if Summer’s cancelled, going to Australia to get my summer there. I hate winter so much, this virus cannot stop me from missing this summer.

Photo Credit: Never Say Die Records

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