FestEvo, a Festival…App?

Festival season is upon us again. As we gather our tickets, costumes, gear and glitter, we are reminded of the intensity involved in the preparation alone. Once the party has begun, we are faced with another onslaught of responsibility towards scheduling, keeping track of the line up, camping, and meet-ups for tickets and ride-shares.  Chaos often trumps our plans.

Sure, radical spontaneity is a intrinsic part of the festival experience and indeed enhances the magic. It also causes us to miss a headliner we’ve been dying to see, separates us from our friends, and leaves us wandering around alone, and unable to navigate ourselves back into the fun zone.

What if there was an app designed to adhere to the chaos and help with all that planning that falls to the wayside the moment the party has begun?  Guess what? One exists.

Meet FestEvo, the app designed to better your festival experience.



FestEvo is being called “The” festival app. Becoming increasingly popular, it’s being used by festival goers all across the country and has the rest of us curious exactly what it does and why we need an app to go to a festival in the first place.

The best person to answer would be its creator, Tucker Gumber. Many of you may already know him by his moniker, The Festival Guy™.

Several years ago, Gumber (The Festival Guy™) set out on a journey to “Unite the Festival Community and work together to improve the festival experience,” according to his mission statement.

After six years, and over a hundred festivals, FestEvo is Gumber’s gift to us.

Read One EDM’s interview with The Festival Guy™ and the new app FestEvo:

One EDM: FestEvo has been called “The” festival app. Becoming increasingly popular, it’s being used by festival goers all across the country, and has a lot of us curious what it is and why we need an app to go to a festival in the first place?

The Festival Guy™:
FestEvo is a tool created for FestivalGoers that centralizes all of the work you have to do to go to a festival. Featuring over 1,000 festivals located around the world, the app will help you find the right festival and then provide you with the information you need to get there by linking you with directions, ride shares, ticket swaps, and links to all of the festival’s socials. The most important feature is that FestEvo has SoundCloud, Spotify, and Youtube built into it enabling users to listen to every artist on the lineup so you know who you should see.

One EDM: How do you think your app has changed the experience for festival-goers?

The Festival Guy™: FestEvo’s biggest impact is introducing FestivalGoer’s to their new favorite act while they are still small. I’ve had hundreds of people recognize me at a festival and let me know that they discovered their new favorite act while they were still small. A few of them have actually become friends with the artist because up and coming artists are so happy to have the support of fans.

One EDM: With festivals growing in scale and complexity, I can see how a resource like this might become more and more a necessity in order to navigate the event. Do you foresee FestEvo and other tools like it to continue embedding themselves into the overall experience?

The Festival Guy™: The festival experience is a true beast in terms of managing your time and maximizing your experience. One way FestEvo helps fans make their festival more manageable is by enabling users to RSVP to the festivals they are attending so they know which of their friends will also be there. That way you can meet-up with everyone you want to.

One EDM: What was your inspiration for FestEvo? Is there a story, a singular moment at a festival perhaps, when the idea came to you? Can you tell us that story?

The Festival Guy™: After college I picked up a sales job off of Craigslist which happened to be a godsend as my employers invested in their employees by paying them to ready business development books for 20 minutes a day. I did this for five years and the lessons could be summarized as follows: 1) Find something you love and do it for 10,000 hours and you will become and expert in the field. 2) Successful businesses are the first to recognize a niche and solve a problem for that community. Then in 2011, I went to my first festivals and recognized the festival niche. I quit the job and hit the road to get my 10,000 hours. I made it to 10 festivals including Burning Man that year and decided someone needed to review the festivals…so I started my website:

The Festival Guy™: In 2012, I made it to 18 festivals and set my goal for 2013 to recognize a festival problem and try to solve it. The first two festivals I went to, I discovered that I had friends at the festival that I didn’t know were there, so I missed them. Once it happened the second time, I decided this was the problem I was going to solve. So I started FestEvo. It has taken three years to get the app to where it is today but I could not be more proud of it as it has made me a better FestivalGoer and I’ve discovered many of my own favorite artists (Rufus Du Sol, Goldfish) through it.

One EDM: A huge part of your mission as The Festival Guy is to improve the festival experience. How is FestEvo a part of that mission, and how can it succeed?

The Festival Guy™: My mission is to improve the festival experience and FestEvo is the backbone in this pursuit. By providing FestivalGoers with an easy way to discover new music, FestEvo helps them spend their entire day watching the music they love instead of wandering around waiting for the headliners to play. The more time you spend watching music you love, the more fun you will have.

One EDM: If you could change three things about festivals what would they be?

The Festival Guy™:  I would make plastic water bottles illegal as it would greatly reduce the amount of trash.  I would ban glow sticks as they are an environmental nightmare. I also would make a rule that totems would not be allowed in front of the sound booth as they block everyone’s view.

One EDM: And just for the record, can you update us with the current tally of festivals you’ve attended since your very first one?

The Festival Guy™: As of the second week of Coachella I have been to 118 festivals totaling 391 days (9,384 hours). So that means I have 616 hours to go until I reach my goal of 10,000 hours. Thanks to volunteering, media passes, and guest passes I have only paid for 16 festivals.


FestEvo is available now on the App Store and Google Play 


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