Ghoster Shares His Views on His New Single “Belong”

An interview with Ghoster revealing his inspirations and his latest single "Belong"

The Russian electronic music artist known as GHOSTER has been building his imprint in the industry through his destructive and hard-hitting signature sound. Currently signed to Yellow Claw’s label Barong Family, this rising artist made his mark with a series of annihilating releases such as his first track release ‘Put it Down’ on Barong. With a strong musical background, GHOSTER has had a passion for dance and music since a young age. Starting dancing classes when he was only three years old and eventually starting his DJ career when he was 15, this multi-talented producer has shown that anything is possible with dedication.

Here’s what he had to say when he was interviewed by One EDM:

Manav Pallan: Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

Ghoster: Many artists inspire me. However, out of most them it is still Michael Jackson. Absolute LEGEND!!

When did you realize that a career in music was the right thing for you?

When I played first my DJ set. In that moment I understood what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be in terms of my career path. 

Favourite song right now?

Michael Jackson – Thriller

You’ve got a new single called “Belong” out now on the BF200 EP. What was your thought process when creating it?

We start working on this track in last year, when  NANAMI and I met in Bangkok. I had an idea for the melody, NANAMI liked it, and he just started to sing. We caught the vibe in the moment. To be honest there were many changes, before we got exactly what we needed

NANAMI: I worked with GHOSTER on this single when it was just the intro and the break. The piano chords made me feel melancholic right away. Tracked the first verse and hook in under an hour and we knew we created something special. I think the hard hitting electronic character of the song combined with the sad sounding vocal is an unexpected, but successful combination. 

What was it like working with Nanami?

Such a talented and professional artist. We were both focused when working together and caught the right vibe. In that moment, it was truly perfect! 

How has COVID-19 affected your plans/projects?

I was in China when everything with the virus began to start. I did not imagine how bad it would be. It is terrible what happened in this year. For me there was a reassessment of some values. Many of my plans collapsed. However, even in such a situation, you need to look upon the brighter side. I have a lot more free time. It was also a great decision for me to stay in China, as China very quickly dealt with the virus and everyone returned to work.

What has been your favourite release so far and why?

‘Put it Down’ because it was my first release and this track helped me make my first step into the electronic scene. Also it is still a cool track and vibe in my opinion. 

You’re stranded on an island and can only have two celebrities with you. Who do you pick?

Bob Marley And Bear Grylls because we need to survive hahaha! 

How do you feel to be featured on the “BF200” EP?

For me it is a big honour to be included in this album. Im am very happy to be a part of this milestone.

Have you got any exciting projects in the works?

I have eight collaborations in the works, but cannot say with who yet. Will definitely let you know about it soon. I am sure you will like it! 

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