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Grace Gracie is an up and coming DJ and producer who has a brilliant mind for making music. Gracie’s new single “Feels Right” will be released January 25th. With summertime vibes and fast tempo, it will definitely be a song to keep on repeat. Taking her influences from Dutch House and turning it into a special concoction of House music with beautiful vocals and future bass elements. Here is an exclusive interview with the one and only Grace Gracie.

OneEDM: With previous singles being so successful such as “Devil” which gathered up an impressive 100k Spotify streams in just one week and “Golden Touch” which was featured on Spotify’s new music Friday playlist, what are your expectations for “Feels Right?” Do you believe it will rise above all of them? 

Grace Gracie: I was very happy with the reaction. Those are amazing numbers for a new artist, and I got a lot of nods and encouragement from several bigger artists. The new track “Feels Right” is a little bit faster, and it has a summer time vibe to it. I hope it’s going to “Feel Right” for a lot of people. 

Being so involved in athletics such as Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing for so long do you believe it has helped your mentality behind your music. Has it influenced the way your music sounds? 

Absolutely. Focus and discipline are the basic principals of both. 

What kind of intentions do you have for your audience when releasing music. Are you hoping listeners vibe to it at home chilling? Do you strive for your music to play more at clubs, or festivals and such? 

It really depends on the vibe of the track, but I tend to gravitate towards music that makes people move. 

How exactly did you break into the music industry? Why did you choose EDM to branch off of? 

There are different levels of “breaking into” the music industry. There are no shortcuts; everyone has to do the work. “Feels Right” is only my third track, and the reaction is very exciting, but I know there is a long-long road ahead. 

Was being a producer something you thought about a lot growing up? 

I always wanted to be a DJ. I never desired to be a doctor, lawyer, or veterinarian, but a DJ who plays music people can vibe and dance to. I wanted to be part of the experience. At one point, I realized that I had to dig deeper, and be part of the creation itself. That’s when I started producing my own music. 

How is the fan support on social media, or even live fan exposure? Is it all filled with positivity? 

It’s been really positive, and I am thankful for that. The energy you put out into the world is the energy you receive. 

Is flying airplanes a hobby you really enjoy? If so, how did this hobby come to be? Sounds like quite the activity to pass the time. 

A few years ago, I took a private plane from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and it ended up turning into a flight lesson. I instantly fell in love with flying because it gave me a sense of freedom and peace. I have been taking lessons ever since, and eventually I want to get my pilot license. 

How was performing at Lost Lands? Looked like quite the show and I know Excision always kills his performances. Did you learn anything while being out there? 

After Lost Lands, a lot of people asked me this question, even though I was on stage for about 10 minutes. I actually just came out to support Terra Vida. Afterwards, my social media accounts lit up with people telling me that they saw me there. 

What are some artists you plan on collaborating with or wish to work with? 

I would love to have Bonn sing on one of my tracks. He has an amazing voice, and I think he would sound great on my tracks. MAX is another artist that I’d be really interested in working with. I’ve been listening to him for a while. 

Do you ever surprise yourself with your talents? Do you have any stories about this happening? 

I’m more surprised with the support from my fans and peers. I’m definitely thankful. 

Maybe in the music industry or even in your athletic world. 

In the athletic world, maybe Jiu-Jitsu, it really runs in the “blood” of my family. I always naturally knew the next move, even the ones that weren’t taught to me. It does surprise me sometimes, and I’m glad that it surprises my opponents even more. (LOL) 

Is there a full album release in progress? 

Being that it’s only my third release, it’s maybe too early to release an album. I do have more than an album worth of music, but the plan right now is to release each track as singles. 

How did being an advisor for International Anti-Poaching Organizations come about? What are some major outcomes that have come about since you joined the team? 

My favorite mission, which I played a key role in, was “Operation Charlie”. The team found an orphan hippo (Charlie) who wouldn’t stop crying for his mom. For company, he was placed with a couple orphaned baby rhinos. Charlie adapted so well that he thought he was a rhino too. He even used his imaginary horn to nudge his “brothers”, but unfortunately he also stopped going into the water. We knew he was going to die from dehydration, so I helped raise the money to build him a bigger waterhole. Also we found him a “girlfriend” that he could learn from… on how to be a hippo. We found and airlifted the baby girl hippo from 1,000 miles away. Charlie is a hippo again, and he is now inseparable from his girlfriend “Moonin”. 

Having heard that you take part in many different charities, would you care to name a few? 

I regularly partake in charity events for Down Syndrome and Autism. In a couple weeks, I’m going to the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida’s “Tour of Champions Bowl-a-thon”. Of course, anti-poaching and charities aimed to protect endangered species (Vetpaw, Operation Rhino Shield) are always on my schedule. I spend significant time in Africa every year with these organizations. 

While being a relatively new artist in the industry you have made quite the name for yourself. Where do you see yourself growing as a musician or even as a person in general? 

As an artist, I always push myself to learn something new. I constantly find myself trying out new things in production and expanding my creative horizon. I hope to grow with every release and be able to continue to do what I love. 

Photo Provided By “Grace Gracie

Could you name a few accomplishments you plan to achieve here in the near future? 

I spent the last two years locked in the studio so I am definitely looking forward to hearing my music being played out everywhere. 

Who would you say is one of your biggest inspirations coming into the industry? 

When I first got into dance music, I saw Carl Cox at EDC, and I completely fell in love with his music. Martin Garrix is also someone who never fails to inspire me. From his progressive releases to the pop tracks… What he does is absolutely amazing. 

What is your favorite part of this line of work and least favorite? Please explain. 

My favorite part of what I do is getting to put out positive energy into the world. Being able to inspire someone, the way my favorite artists inspire me, is what makes all the long hours in the studio worth it. 

Lastly, if someone wanted to follow in your footsteps what advice would you give them? 

Everyone has their own individual path. There is not an exact science to it, and no “user manual” to guide us. Do what makes you happy, and don’t be a follower…find your own way…  

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