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Hippie Sabotage

Hippie Sabotage was formed by brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer. The California-based duo has been making music together for over a decade and are well known for their remix of Tove Lo’s “Stay High”. They also recently wrapped up their Path of Righteousness Tour.


OneEDM recently had the chance to sit down with Jeff and Kevin from Hippie Sabotage. The two brothers took the time to chat with us at Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. They talk about the tour, their fans, and their music.

OneEDM: So new music. Is there any new music in the works?

Hippie Sabotage: We have tons in the works.

Jeff: We have not put anything out in a while since we got off the road from our tour in the spring. We debate on whether or not we want to keep dropping music for consistency or even at times we feel we should not put it out. Right now, we are focusing on the best quality we can possibly have with a centralized sound behind it more than just a single song release. But, we have tons of new music coming.

Is there anything that inspires you when you guys try and create new music?

Kevin: A lot of things inspire us. I think doubt can be a powerful motivator. The more we have been doubted the more motivated we have gotten. I was talking to my dad the other day and he was commenting on our single frame of mind for the last 10 years. I think that our focus on proving ourselves has been at the forefront.

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How did your tour go?

Jeff: Well, the Path of Righteousness Tour is over. We sold out about 80% of the shows. It has been our best tour so far and each tour has been better than the last. We keep trying to change the set and add more to the production. We are trying to adjust it because there are so many songs people want to hear but we still want to present new and original things.

Was there anywhere, in particular, you really liked performing this tour?

Jeff: Oregon, in particular, was probably my favorite show. It was a smaller show, 600 people, but there were like 10 people crowd surfing the whole show. When we went to Europe for the London show, the crowd was super rowdy there as well. So much energy.

Photo by Kallie Brinkworth

That is good that you have a fan base growing overseas too!

Kevin: It was very rewarding to see our fans there and play there. I am not gonna lie, we did not draw huge crowds in every country. But in London, we did really well and I was really proud of both my brother and myself.

What are your thoughts on festivals? Do you feel like you get like a good turnout and good energy from the crowds?

Jeff: We have always had people turn out for our festivals and we are super thankful for that. Like you said, the exposure to new fans is always fantastic and you get to see your peers and everybody else and what they play and how they perform. I love it.

Kevin: We never thought we would be a festival act but now that we are I feel like we are both totally comfortable being onstage in front of that many people. We still get a little nervous, but once we step on stage we are not nervous at all. We just want to put on the best performance possible and make sure people have fun.

While Hippie Sabotage has wrapped up their tour, they are still performing a few shows and festivals throughout the summer. Check out upcoming dates here!

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