Hoaprox: Vietnam’s Phenomenal Star for All to Check Out

Born as Nguyễn Thái Hòa, Hoaprox is a talented DJ/producer who may become a popular fixture in the global electronic music industry soon

Hoaprox is one of Vietnam’s top EDM artists and also a rising star throughout Southeast Asia. Born as Nguyễn Thái Hòa, Hoaprox became a recognizable name in Vietnamese electronic music after winning a national music competition called ‘The Remix New Generation 2017’. Since then, he continues to produce outstanding tracks such as “With You (Ngẫu Hứng)“, “Waiting For You” and his most-recent single, “Brighter Side“.

Hoaprox released “Brighter Side” on January 19 and the vibrant song features the amazing vocals of Singaporean singer-songwriter Haneri. Here is One EDM’s exclusive interview with Hoaprox, whose musical talent may soon have a lot of fans in the West admiring in the future as well. Also, feel free to listen to more of Hoaprox’s music on his official Spotify profile after reading this interview.

Kenny Ngo: How are you enjoying 2021 right now?

Hoaprox: The world has gone through a dark year because of the epidemic and so have I. During that time, I spent most of the time in my studio for music production. Starting 2021, I released “Brighter Side,” with Monstercat and I’m continuing to work hard to try and release more songs this year. The situation in my country is fine now and events have resumed. I was able to return on stage and it made me feel like myself. I think my 2021 will have a lot of things to look forward to.

What were your favorite moments from 2020, musically and personally?

The first is when my song “New World” was released. This is my first song on Monstercat, a label that a lot of artists want to sign to release. The second is when I released the music video for “With You,” in collaboration with Nick Strand and Mio. Finally, I got back on stage with a New Year’s Countdown with more than 50,000 people, which was very difficult to imagine around the world last year.

You just released your latest track, “Brighter Side”, with Singaporean singer-songwriter Haneri. How was it like working with her?

Working with Haneri is really fun. Her voice is really special and goes well with “Brighter Side”. Due to the geographical distance and meeting conditions now, it was completely impossible. We have been working online by mail, but this hasn’t stopped us from creating great stuff. Furthermore, we will certainly bring even more interesting productions in the future.

How did you and Haneri manage to successfully combine her amazing vocals with your intriguing, innovative house / bass production skills?

With “Brighter Side”, I focused on highlighting the vocals. I didn’t want the instrumental sounds to overwhelm the vocals so everything was kept simple and clear. In the drop to energize the vocal chop, I focused on the bass more, removed the other instruments, and added percussion to increase the rhythm.

In your opinion, what do you think of your current musical style now, especially after releasing “Brighter Side”, and your musical style when you entered the electronic dance music scene in 2017 after winning “The Remix New Generation 2017” in Vietnam?

After 2017, the music in the world has changed a lot, and so has my music style. As someone who likes to discover and experience new things, I do not tie myself to any particular genre. The style that I am aiming for is to do many genres but build on a signature sound by Hoaprox.

As of right now, your hit single, “With You”, gained over 2.3 million streams on Spotify. How are you engaging with fans on other continents?

The results from “With You” really made me happy, many thanks for your love for this song. It is true that thanks to “With You,” I have been approached by many audiences around the world and they began to explore my other productions. I spent more time responding to their comments on social media so that I could connect and help them understand me better.

What was the last music festival or event that you performed at and what was your favorite memory from that festival or event?

It was a very big music festival that takes place in Ho Chi Minh City – the largest city in Vietnam. With the participation of about 50,000 people, along with the appearance of the most famous artists in Vietnam. I was the last performer to end the show and the performance was so lit, the audience went crazy because it had been a long time since they had the chance to enjoy a show like this.

When this pandemic dies down, which music festivals or events would you like to perform at in the future?

When the pandemic is over, I want to perform all over the world, it doesn’t matter which event! I’ll go anywhere and meet people in many different countries. I’m looking forward to it.

Who are your favorite DJs/producers in electronic music?

Skrillex, Avicii, and Flume have inspired me a lot.

For music listeners in the West who would like to get to know more about Vietnamese electronic music, who are the DJs / producers beside yourself would you recommend everyone to check out?

I am very happy to introduce to you other great artists in Vietnam, such as SlimV, Nimbia, and Masew. Their music is very interesting and will definitely impress you.

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