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Aslove is a very talented EDM artists hailing from France. Since his first cover posted on SoundCloud back in January 2015, the DJ has already gained a lot of attention. Supported by several international blogs, his music has pop and house vibes, always brightened by vocals and balanced for both dance-floors and radios.


As part of the new French-electronic generation, Aslove released his first radio hit in February 2017. The track is based on a Mia Wray cover of “Put Your Records On” from Corine Bailey Rae. It entered the Top 100 airplay in France, with more than 40 radios play-listing it. On YouTube, the official music video gained more than 250K views in five months.

In early August 2017, Aslove also released his official remix for Katy Perry’s “Bon Appétit” through Capitol Records. Now, he is ready to release his first-ever EP ‘PREFACE(S)’ with the catchy single ‘So High’. Those who have heard of Aslove and want to learn more will be very satisfied with this sit-down interview.


OneEDM had the exclusive privilege of speaking with Aslove. The DJ opens up about his musical inspirations, personal life, and experiences as a DJ.

What about Jimi Hendrix triggers an emotional response for you?

My nickname comes from a Jimi Hendrix album ‘Axis Bold As Love’. I had a special relationship with this album during my childhood, so I decided to combine ‘As’ and ‘Love’ to create my artist name Aslove. Of course, musically, I do not compare to Jimi’s music. But he is a true inspiration as I have always listened to a lot of genuine rock’n’roll and rhythm’n’blues.

You mentioned that electronic dance music hit France pretty hard and led you to it. What about the music inspired you to pursue it as a career?

Before producing electronic music on my computer, I used to only play the guitar and drums. I still do play a lot of guitar and synths when I create my music. I was blown away by Justice’s first album. It is the perfect balance between rock and electronic. It gave me a taste for electronic music, and I became a DJ at that time. So, it was then very natural to keep on being a producer, posting reworks on SoundCloud and writing my own tracks.

What about the culture of EDM inspires you to make music?

As I said, Justice was my first good reason to dive into electronic music. Then, as a resident DJ, I have discovered many other genres like deep-house, progressive house, and nu-disco. I remember when I first listened to artists like Bakermat, Robin Shulz, and Klingade, there was something organic and melodic in their tracks. That is what I like the most, as I usually prefer chords and melodic hooks rather than energetic drops.

What do you like about DJing versus creating music?

Testing your own music for the first time in front of thousands of people is priceless. I like the energy you get from the crowd. When you are in the studio, you are very focused and calm. Behind the decks, you can show your wild face, and I love delivering good vibes on a loud sound system. Seeing people react and dance while I play good music is something great.

What have you learned about performing as DJ?

I have been playing for a few years, and I have to say that each DJ set is surprising. Depending on the country, the location, and the people, it is never the same. I have learned how to interact with people, and I can anticipate what I need to play as a DJ. My experience as a resident DJ in a club for more than three years prepared me for that as well.

Do you have any tour dates in 2018?

Yes, my schedule slowly starts being completed with sweet gigs ahead. On February 24 I will play Opium Club in Toulouse before the Dutch-duo Mr. Belt & Wezol. Then, on March 15 I am playing in Paris with Goldfish. Many other gigs will follow, and I hope I will also be able to tour abroad during the summer.

What do you eat while on tour?

Depends on how long I have to eat. Most of the time, you do not get to take your time at a restaurant. I would say a good burger is my best friend while touring.

Do you have any other hobbies?

I still love playing drums with my friends, but my favorite hobby is having fun with my dog, Ben. I am not too much into sports, but I also try to run once a week.

How did you celebrate when you hit six million plays?

I danced with my adorable dog!

What should we expect from Aslove in 2018?

Many things! I have started the year remixing a lot of artists like Jacob Banks, LeMarquis, Huko, Mattway, and Maan on The Moon. I also have more remixes in the pipeline for Mosimann, KEV, and Snow Patrol. Apart from this, I am pretty excited to release my first EP ‘Preface(s)’. It contains three brand new tracks of mine, entirely different from each other.
‘So High’, the lead single, has already hit the platforms, but it is different from the two other tracks. In fact, this three-track EP showcases my different faces as an artist. But, it is only the first step before my first studio album. Stay tuned!
OneEDM thanks Aslove for guiding us through his experience as a DJ in the EDM scene. Be sure to follow his page on SoundCloud as he keeps releasing new tunes in 2018.

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