On top of Montage Mountain in mid-July, Camp Bisco came and went with a bang. OneEDM was lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with Beats Antique: a trio of artists based out of Oakland, CA. It was quite the adventure we went on trying to find the right place for the interview. Yet we prevailed and found the best seats in the house.

ShadowBox Album Cover

The Interview

On Saturday around 3 pm, we met up with Tommy to find a quiet spot to chat. As you can imagine, that wasn’t so simple. With acts constantly playing under the pavilion and time running out, Tommy brought us back to their dressing room. At first, we see Zoe putting makeup on and David drinking coffee on the couch and we thought, wow this is the perfect time for an interview.

Interviewer: Danny Williams, Video: Chris Carpenter


Getting to know the Band

The band includes Zoe Jakes, a life long belly-dancer, and producer for Beats Antique. David Satori, a multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Lastly, Tommy “Sidecar” Cappel, drummer and producer for the band. These three have come together from all types of backgrounds and experiences to bring us one of the coolest groups encountered. Their attitude towards music and the industry is everything we could hope for in artists and they were a joy to speak with.

Beats Antique

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