Interview: Behind the Scenes of ‘Space’ with Lyonbrotherz

Lyonbrotherz, cousins by blood and brothers in music, are an EDM duo from Germany who are causing a stir with their crisp productions and lively DJ sets. After starting their career writing Hip-Hop lyrics to other producer’s beats, they went on to teach themselves how to produce to match their own visions. Daniel and Keven give us some behind the scenes info about their latest tune ‘Space’.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Space’?

We wanted to create an awesome festival starter track.

How did you get in to music?

We started at the age of 16/17 with Rap music, firstly writing lyrics with instrumentals from other rap artists, mainly to keep us from getting into trouble. We then went on to learning how to produce and making our own beats.

Our first steps into EDM came after visiting a huge EDM festival near our hometown. It was so impressive that we thought, “Ok that’s it! This is what we’re going to do!”

How did you meet Greenskiez?

Daniel’s cousin has known a guy who’s been making music and has a good vibe, so they introduced us to each other.

What’s your preferred software when making music?

We still don’t reveal our tools. 😉

Describe ‘Space’ in a sentence?

Rousing beat for a jumping crowd.

Favourite DAW?

FL Studio

How much time do you spend on each track?

Depends on the track, it could be anywhere from a month to a year. You have to keep in mind we’re doing so many things that take so much time but Greenskiez is a little faster there on the production side.

Can we hear any of your influences in this track?

Sure, it was a mix between outer space and a huge festival stage… we find our influences everywhere.

Did you face any difficulties making ‘Space’?

No, not at all!

How do you overcome writers block?

We’re usually eating, gaming, doing bullshit and create Insta stories.

#Lyonbrotherz #Macgyver

What advice do you have for budding producers?


Be different and collaborate with us when the time is right. We try to find time then.

If you could have written any song that’s ever been released, what would it be and why?

Just one song? That’s not possible! It would be a decision between three songs. Animals by Martin Garrix, Mammoth by DVLM & Moguai or Wake up by Avicii.

The last one because we have a special relationship with that tune. The other ones because that’s where all the best Big Room tracks started!

What do you get up to outside of making music?

We take care of Wolfgang Lyon, always looking for good collaborations to help artists and try to create something big.

How does it feel to know that ‘Space’ is already making its way up the charts?

‘Space’ climbing the charts? How do you feel after having sex? You get satisfied for a moment but want more soon.

What’s on the horizon for Lyonbrotherz?

Hmm, our end goal is that we would like to say that we are the biggest in the game. It’s hard and takes a lot of work but someone’s got to do it!

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