Interview: Behind the scenes of ‘Without You’ with Pierre Reynolds

After falling in love with dance music at the tender age of 15, Pierre went on to learn his craft of Djing and producing and is known for his ingenious musicality when creating House music. Pierre’s originals and remixes often see himself reaching high chart positions on Traxsource and Beatport. We caught up with Pierre to discuss his latest remix of Sal Negro and Elle’s huge house tune ‘Without You’.

Describe ‘Without You’ in 3 words?


Does this track have a story behind it?

It actually does! When I was asked to do this remix I was personally going thru a ruff patch in my relationship with my girl. I was able to use all of that energy, emotion and passion and pour it into the track. So to me this song was a bit of a love letter.

Can we hear any of your musical influences in track?

This one I believe is 100% me. The arrangements and usage of the instruments are pretty unique to the genre I believe. You will be hard pressed to find acoustic guitar being played loud and proud in House Music.

How does it differ to some of your other pieces?

This piece is different in a few ways. First on the ‘Broken Mix’ I went with a Broken Beat/Nu Jazz backing track, which is completely uncharted territory for me. All of my previous tracks have the traditional 4 to the floor beat. Second as mentioned previously the guitar stem I was able to use is an instrument I have not used in previous tracks.

How long did ‘Without You’ take to make?

These two mixes came together over the span of a month.

What do you feel is most important element in releasing a track?

The interplay between the vocals and the instruments. If you listen there is real symmetry and agreement between the two layers that really make the song feel united.

Do you have a typical process when writing a song?

I listen to the vocals over and over and let the music come into my head. I am able to hear initial sounds as I kick back and listen to the acapella vocal. Once I hear that I am ready to start making music.

Who would you love to collaborate with in 2019?

Louie Vega or Black Coffee

Who’s creative opinion do you trust the most when it comes to your music?

My wife is my first and foremost sounding board. She is close yet far enough removed from house music to give me an unbiased opinion of my production.

How do you balance producing with your other responsibilities?

I ask my self the same question. If unimpeded I am able to produce a lot of music. I find that doing everything in pieces makes living life and making a lot of music possible.

What are your opinions on sampling?

I am fine with it so long as you change it up enough to make it your own.

What is the best piece of advice anyone has given to you?

Rome was not built in a day.

Can you let us in on what else you’ve got planned for this year?

I have been signed to some notable labels such as King Street Sounds and Trax Records so I’ll be planning more releases with them. Also preparing for my 2019 gig schedule, I’m in talks with different promoters and venues to see what can be done so its all very exciting!

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