Exclusive Interview with Damon Hess

Damon Hess

Tech-House DJ and Producer, Damon Hess, has his hands full. A career, family life and a work ethic that has got him shooting threes. He is making his mark, keeping the business up, and never forgetting what is important. With a multiplicity of shows from radio to the stage and constant travels between London and Ibiza, Damon Hess thrives.

He shows up, puts it down, and takes his part to the next stage. A well-ordered producer with the awareness of, what makes a successful performer: the prioritizing of taking care of oneself. One EDM had the chance to talk to Damon Hess about his career and thoughts on what makes him always deliver.

OneEDM: What was the inspiration behind your new track “Feel Good”? Were you looking to release a summer track anthem for 2019 for some time now?

Damon Hess: Over the last year I was looking for a piano style house track that I wanted to create that basically made people feel good, hence the name, I think I made a good job of the final product.

Your new track “Feel Good” does just that to its listener, it makes them feel good. How or when has music been a savior for you when you needing saving?

Music is always my savior, it’s the only time you can escape the reality of the mad world we live in.

Do you consider yourself a workaholic? When do you know you are doing or have taken on too much? Or is there never enough work?

I’m constantly on the go, sometimes I wish I could just chill but I love creating music for others to enjoy and dance to!

How does Damon Hess refuel his engine? What are some must-haves for you to recharge and be ready for another gig?

I do love living in Ibiza during the summer season, especially taking days out and traveling around the island exploring, it gives me an escape.

What are some of your favorite things about having a residency in Ibiza?

I love Ibiza, just being with the crowds, there’s no feeling like it

How different is the approach when presenting your mixes to ACR vs Gaydio?

Very different I try to show my unique sounds on what I enjoy playing the most and also having now a Thursday 9-10AM slot on Select radio London.

Having full control of what is heard by your fans on ACR is a huge benefit, but having that control what does it mean in the grand scheme of things?

Fans love to hear what I can do and the stations allow me to spread that to a wider audience.

What’s the key to a good remix? Or, what is the approach to a Damon Hess remix?

I always produce from my heart but at the same time, I will always make what the label wants with a there reference guide in mind.

You have a hectic schedule with grueling hours and tons of travel. What are some important topics or one that needs to be discussed more within the dance community regarding the mental health and lively hood of busy DJs and performers?

Always take time out, get as much sleep as you can, professionally is key, also it’s good to talk if your feeling down, being busy and not taking time out can be very damaging and also depressing, never be afraid to speak out.

When selecting tracks for a set, what are some important factors you take into consideration that maybe some other Dj/Producers overlook?

I will always select what I feel is right for whichever gig, I always play to the crowd. The beauty of Rekordbox etc is that I can take such a huge array of tracks to my gigs. I always take my time with this if you get the correct formula, you cracked it.

While growing up were you always into house music?

No,  l also ove rock music!

What keeps you motivated and pushing forward?

Fans and people messaging me about my music makes me push harder to deliver the next track bigger and better.

What can we expect from Damon Hess for the remainder of 2019?

Lots more music, keep listening because Damon Hess has more to come.

To download and stream the track “Feel Good” plus more, click here.

For more information on Damon Hess click here.

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